Know How To Protect Your Eyes If You Stare On Your Screen For Too Long

Nowadays people spend their time on their cell phones, computers, and tablets more often may it be an hour, two hours, three hours or even more but most of them don't know that staring at those technologies can be bad for their eyes.

They are probably familiar with that irritated, fuzzy, and tired feeling in their eyes after a long stare on their gadgets or computer. You will notice that everything starts to get a little blurry and sometimes your headaches.

This is called eye strain or computer vision syndrome that most people have nowadays. Spending two whole hours on your screen puts people at risk on having eye strain.

Good thing there are ways that can help you minimize the discomfort and potential damage of staring at a glowing screen all day.

Here are some tricks and tips you could try that can help make a huge difference if implemented:

Enlarge the text

When you have larger text you won't have to put your face closer to read them. Having smaller text tends to make people move their faces on the screen. Just make changes that make the text easier to read even when you are far away from the screen this will make things easier.


People tend to forget blinking while they are using computers. If a person stares on the screen for too long without blinking will dry out his eyes. So it is best to remember to blink and putting some eye drops can help too.

Adjust brightness

Adjust the brightness of your screen that is enough to avoid reflections. Screen glare can cause eye strain and headaches.

20-20-20 rule

After 20 minutes of staring at your screen, take a 20 seconds break and look at something 20 feet away. Your eyes contain muscles that can help move and focus on different objects, but if we stare at a screen the same distance away for hours at a time, the muscles on our eyes will have a hard time adjusting once we move again.


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