Ways You Have Been Trying But Doesn't Really Help Lose Some Belly Fats

There are things you probably have read and tried stating that they could help you reduce the fat from your belly but in reality, they don't.

You might notice that when you tried methods that supposedly make your belly fat go away but days have passed nothing really happened.

Now here are things you probably tried but don't actually help that much in terms of getting rid of your belly fats.


According to an article published by FitnessReloaded the crunches everyone does only strengthen belly muscles but those crunches don't really reduce belly fats.

Health suggest that you must do moderate-intensity exercises for about 35 minutes per day or high-intensity exercise for about 17 minutes per day.

Avoid white bread and crackers

Eating white bread and crackers can cause inflammation that is why health experts suggest that eat refined grains and if you want to skip eating rice then go for brown rice.

Tea for reducing belly fats

Drinking green tea every day doesn't really do anything to your belly and according to HuffintonPost "You’d have to drink about seven cups of green tea to match the level of catechins, an antioxidant compound thought to be responsible for tea’s fat-burning potential, given to people in clinical trials."

Adding fruit for your dessert

Adding food to your diet is a good thing but there are things you must know before you adopt this to your lifestyle.

You must eat your fruit on an empty stomach or one hour before a meal to properly absorb all its nutrients. Don't ever eat your fruit after a meal because doing so will make the fruit stuck in your stomach for a while that will make it rot and ferment in the gut.

Now you can start a real lifestyle and get rid of your belly fat for good.


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