Things You Can Do To Prevent And Eliminate Bloating

Bloating of the stomach may occur to a person due to abnormal gas swelling, or increase in diameter of the abdominal area. Symptoms include full and tight abdomen which may cause abdominal pain and it's sometimes accompanied by increased stomach growling or the total lack of it.

There many causes of bloating like a food allergy, constipation, overeating, gastric distension and much more.

All that being said there are ways to reduce, prevent, and eliminate bloating.

One of the best ways is to stop eating too much at a time.

Eating too much can feel like being bloated but if you eat too much tends to feel uncomfortable if so try reducing the amounts of food you are taking.

Food allergies

People tend to experience different kinds of allergies and they cause different kinds of symptoms and one of them is bloating. So it is important to know what foods are you allergic to and which one of them will cause bloating. If you suspect that you have an allergy to a certain kind of food be sure to seek a doctor for advice.

Swallowing air

When you eat and chew too fast it will have a possibility that you swallow air and the things you eat or drink also affects the quantity of air in your stomach like carbonated beverages like soda.

What you have to do is reduce the consumption of carbonated drinks and when eating don't rush it.

Avoid constipation

Many people encounter constipation and when you are suffering from bloating, constipation makes the symptoms worse. If you are constipated getting more soluble fiber will really help you.

But keep in mind that you must increase your fiber with caution if you are suffering from bloating because fiber can make the situation much worse.


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Source: healthline

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