The Color Of An Egg Yolk Can Tell If It Came From A Healthy Chicken

Many families have enjoyed eating eggs and bread on their breakfast but many of them don't know what color of the yolk can tell if the egg came from a healthy chicken.

Have you ever noticed that some egg yolks have a different color than the other eggs?

That is because there are different varieties of eggs there are market eggs, supermarket eggs, and farmer's eggs. To know which one of these are healthier you must buy each of its kind and crack it open to see what color of the yolk.

Most likely you will stumble upon these colors:

* The yolk of the local market egg is color yellow.

* The yolk of the supermarket egg is yellow.

* The yolk of the farmer's egg is color orange.

You might think the yellow colored yolk is the healthiest one because they are commonly eaten by consumers but in reality, the healthiest one is the farmer's egg that has an orange colored yolk.

Eggs with orange colored yolks came from pasture-raised hens. What are pastured-raised hens? they are hens that are raised on a healthy and balanced diet with lots of exposure to sunlight and natural environment this means that the hens have plenty of access to the outdoors and get plenty of healthy foods such as grass, insects, worms, etc. will give them the nutrients they need.

According to a study conducted by Pennsylvania State University has shown that the nutritional content of orange yolk eggs is much higher than those of yellow ones.

Although sometimes you will encounter an egg with a light orange yolk that is the color between a yellow and orange yolk but do not worry because light/pale orange yolk eggs are much healthier than those of yellow ones.

It appears light/pale orange colored because the hens probably didn't get much access to a natural environment.

The next time you go out to shop some groceries make sure you buy farm eggs so get a higher nutritional content.


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