Reasons Why You Should Stop Browsing Your Mobile Phone Before Going To Sleep

Mobile phones are very convenient to have you can contact a person in a second and you can just browse anything you want to find on your mobile browser meaning it is less time-consuming.

Here are the reasons why you should stop using your mobile phone before going to bed.

Eye damage

Mobile phones produce a light called 'blue light' that can greatly affect your vision like gradual loss of your central vision. The blue light caused by mobile phones can damage your retinas that can be permanent which can lead to macular degeneration.

Disrupts sleep

When it's night time the body produces melatonin a kind of hormone that regulates your sleep cycle and if you used your mobile phone at night that blue light tricks your brain that it is sunlight which causes disruption of the body's melatonin production.


Due to the sleeping problems caused by mobile phones blue light, it is most likely that the person who suffers from this would be vulnerable to feelings of depression.

Destroying memory

Disrupted sleep means your brain finds it impossible to repair connections that were damaged during the day. So when you wake up in the morning you might find hard to think clearly.


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Source: thehealthflash

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