Quickly Remove Kalyo With The Use Of An Onion

Callus also known as 'kalyo' in the Philippines is a toughened area of the skin in which become relatively thick and hard in response to repeated friction, pressure, or other irritation.

Rubbing too frequent or forceful will cause blisters rather than allow calluses to form.

Calluses are not harmful, but may sometimes lead to other problems, such as skin ulceration or infection.

How do we get calluses?

When the skin is exposed to friction for a long period of time callus will be formed. For better understanding did you ever noticed that people who played instruments such as a guitar have calluses on their hands.

Onion for treating calluses

Get an onion and slice it into medium-thin slices enough to cover the affected are then put it in a glass container. Next is to pour white vinegar into the container and then leave the container in a warm place during the day. You can now use it to treat calluses by getting a piece, put it on the affected area and use a bandage to hold it in place while you sleep. Doing so will make calluses soft that will make them easy to peel off your skin.


Calluses may go away by themselves eventually, once the cause of irritation is consistently avoided. Professionals such as a podiatrist or a foot health practitioner will surely help you with calluses.


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Source: wikipedia

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