Foods You Must Not Eat In Order To Avoid Worsening Joint Pain

Joint pain can be quite irritating they can go from mild to severe, acute or chronic. They can cause pain or inflammation from any part of a joint.

If you are suffering from joint pain there are foods that you must avoid because the foods you consume can aggravate your inflammation.

Foods that contain processed sugar

Chocolates, candy, sodas, desserts that contain processed sugars that trigger the release of inflammatory messengers known as cytokines also excess sugar in the body pressures the joints that can lead to weight gain.

Consumption of alcohol

Alcohol consists of purines and when taken it will convert into uric acid in the body thus making joint pain worse.

Red and processed meats

They consist of purine and nitrate chemicals that can worsen the pain and inflammation in the body.

Salty foods

Many foods that are pre-made contains an excessive amount of salt and other preservatives and these can disrupt the fluid balance in the body.

Dairy products

There are studies out there that show that majority of adults have at least some difficulty digesting milk. Which means dairy products can trigger an inflammatory response.


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