Tamarinds Medicinal Properties That Only A Few People Know

Tamarind or most popularly called sampalok in the Philippines is a sweet and delicious fruit. sampalok is being used in different kinds of things from culinary to medicinal purposes.

Now here are some of the health benefits of sampalok

Boost immune system

With its unique taste sampalok is also packed with vitamin C that many know the number one nutrient for improving or boosting a person's immune system.

Rich in iron

The iron found in sampalok helps you have a normal amount of red blood cells in your body.


The essential oil found inside sampalok contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce that possibility of getting a got, arthritis, rheumatic conditions, inflammation and joint pain.

Control diabetes

Consuming lots of carbohydrates will increase your chances of having an uncontrolled insulin and glucose levels that everyone knows is the number one problem for people with diabetes or people that are diabetic. It is a good thing that sampalok consist of alpha-amylase that can help stop carbohydrates from being absorbed.


Sampalok contains a component called HCA or hydroxycitric acid that can help remove your unwanted weight because it inhibits the enzyme in your body which can store fat.

Nerve function

Vitamin B can also be found inside a sampalok which is helpful in improving that function of your nerves.

According to homenaturalcures some of the health benefits of tamarind fruit are "protecting your children against parasites and worms, prevent cancer, lower cholesterol to improve cardiovascular health, reduce fever, increase the strength of the immune system, relieve pain, improve the digestive system, heal skin conditions, boost respiratory health, improve eye health and reduce the inflammation throughout the body."


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Source: homenaturalcures

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