Breast Cancer Signs And Symptoms That Women Should Be Aware Of Before Its Too Late

It is important to know that signs and symptoms of breast cancer as early as possible to give you a better chance of a successful treatment.

Knowing the normal look or appearance of your breast is an important part of your health because any changes can mean something important but keep in mind that what to look for does not take the place of having a regular mammogram and other screening tests that can help find breast cancer in its early stages before symptoms appear.

Breast cancers common symptoms include a new lump/mass will grow. If the mass is hard, painless, and has irregular edges it is most likely to be cancer but keep in mind that breast cancers can be tender, soft, or rounded. They can also be painful too and for this reason, if you see or notice any kind of changes on your breast be sure to consult a healthcare professional that is experienced in diagnosing breast diseases.

All that being said there are other possible symptoms that have a connection with breast cancer:

* Swelling of all or part of a breast (even if no distinct lump is felt)

* Skin irritation or dimpling (sometimes looking like an orange peel)

* Breast or nipple pain

* Nipple retraction (turning inward)

* Redness, scaliness, or thickening of the nipple or breast skin

* Nipple discharge (other than breast milk)

Other than that sometimes the breast cancer has the ability to spread to lymph nodes under the arm or around the collar bone and cause a lump or swelling in that area even before the original tumor in the breast is large enough to be felt.

If you experienced any kinds of changes or notice the symptoms provided above be sure to tell this to your healthcare professional.


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