34 Years Old Patient Swelled Up His Neck After Holding His Sneeze

Sneezing is a natural response when your nose is irritated by something and everyone experienced this scenario.

Sneezing is also a method of clearing an irritation out of the air passages and they can often happen without a warning.

According to sciencealert "They're also pretty explosive, reaching measured speeds of up to 16.2 kilometers per hour (4.5 meters per second, or 10 miles per hour)."

It is only natural to sneeze so don't stop it because if you forcibly stopped your sneeze it can lead to multiple complications from a possibility of rupturing your blood vessel in the brain to a perforated eardrum.

Recently, a 34-year-old guy tried to hold his sneeze by clamping his mouth shut and pinching his nose closed with his hands and later on he found himself having a swelled up neck and not long after he found himself difficulty in swallowing as well as lost his voice this is according to doctors from the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust.

According to Dr Wanding Yang said that "Halting sneezing via blocking the nostrils and mouth is a dangerous manoeuvre, and should be avoided, It may lead to numerous complications, such as pneumomediastinum (air trapped in the chest between both lungs), perforation of the tympanic membrane (perforated eardrum), and even rupture of a cerebral aneurysm (ballooning blood vessel in the brain)."

According to telegraph, there are people who have been admitted to the hospital and those people are suffering from burst eardrums, ruptured blood vessels in the eyes, damage facial nerves, pulled muscles, and cracked ribs.

So if you are going to sneeze just let it out don't forcibly stop it or you might end up in the bed of the hospital.


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Source: telegraph

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