Improve Your Overall Rest With Your Sleeping Positions

Getting the right amount of sleep is required for everyone to make you feel refreshed, energetic and blooming. Sleep is essential for us because it helps relieve stress from the body as well as making the body feel more relaxed.

Did you know that your sleeping position can affect your posture? If you are sleeping in a wrong posture or certain parts of your body aren't supported, you may experience problems such as spine misaligning or weaken certain areas of your body and you will also find it harder to get rest.

Poor sleeping positions can lead to long-term damage and if you don't get enough rest your immune system doesn't have the chance to work properly.

Here are the best sleeping position and the worst sleeping position:

Sleeping on your back

The best sleeping position you could take would be sleeping on your back because you support your spine and it is not forced to controt to strange angles in the bed and you won't have to worry about your neck being unsupported by your soft pillows.

Not only that this is also called the best position for sleeping because it can also keep facial acne and wrinkles to a minimum. Why? your face isn't pushed up against a pillow that has some dust and skin cells.

Sleeping on your side

It is true that sleeping on your back is the best but sleeping on your side is also considered the best because it tends to win the sleeping positions arguments. Many people fall asleep in this position and there is some scientific support for this they say then when you sleep on your side you can reduce heartburn, indigestion, and even sleep apnoea.

Doctors recommend that pregnant women should sleep on their side. The weight of the baby is removed from the artery so there is less chance of dizziness, fainting, leg issues, and other health problems for you and the little one.

Avoid stomach sleeping

When you sleep on your stomach you will have to turn your head to one side which leads to spine misaligning. This sleeping position isn't comfortable at all or good for your posture.

Not only that it can also cause lower back pain, cutting off blood flow to your arms because you will either tuck them in under your head or under your body.

Sleeping position isn't only the key to have a good night rest you must ease your mind and avoid stress building to help you sleep.


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