Cure Singaw Or Mouth Ulcers Easily With These Methods

Everyone will encounter mouth ulcers someday and it can be really irritating because of the pain it delivers once it been touched by the tongue or food debris.

But many people don't know how do they get mouth ulcers and that is why in this article we will tackle about all the things you need to know about mouth ulcers.

Minor mouth ulcer

The most common mouth ulcer is called aphthous stomatitis which happens at least 80% of the cases.

Major mouth ulcer

Major mouth ulcers are known as the major aphthous ulceration. This kind of ulcer occurs 10% of the cases if aphthous stomatitis. Major aphthous ulceration produces a lot of pain especially when the ulcers come together with adjacent ulcers to produce a larger one.

Herpetiform ulcers

It produces a 100 smaller and painful ulcers and women are more prone to them than men.

Now here are the reasons that you get mouth ulcers

Food allergies
Skin disease
Underlying disease conditions
Herpes simplex infections
Unhygienic dental conditions
Deficiencies in nutrients
Accidental bites
Some disease in the bowels

How to treat mouth ulcers?

  • Treatment is cause-related, but also symptomatic of the underlying cause is unknown or not correctable. 
  • It is also important to note that most ulcers will heal completely without any intervention. Treatment can range from simply smoothing or removing a local cause of trauma, to addressing underlying factors such as dry mouth or substituting a problem medication. 
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene and use of an antiseptic mouthwash or spray (e.g. chlorhexidine) can prevent secondary infection and therefore hasten healing. 
  • A topical analgesic (e.g. benzydamine mouthwash) may reduce pain. Topical (gels, creams or inhalers) or systemic steroids may be used to reduce inflammation. 
  • An antifungal drug may be used to prevent oral candidiasis developing in those who use prolonged steroids. People with mouth ulcers may prefer to avoid hot or spicy foods, which can increase the pain. Self-inflicted ulceration can be difficult to manage, and psychiatric input may be required for some people.

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