Truth Behind The Rumors Circulating Around Social Media About Brain Aneurysm

Recently in the social media, there are rumors circulating about an alleged way to prevent a brain aneurysm but before we tackle that what is a brain aneurysm?

Brain Aneurysm

A cerebral aneurysm is a bulging, weak area in the wall of an artery that supplies blood to the brain and what's scary about this is that most of the time it causes no symptoms making it impossible to detect until it ruptures and when it ruptures it may cause severe problems such as stroke or even death. When a brain aneurysm ruptures, the result is called a subarachnoid hemorrhage and depending on the severity of the hemorrhage, brain damage or death may result.

Now here is the rumor that is now circulating on the internet that made 117k shares already.


Aneurysm awareness:
Another victim of aneurysm just passed away today.I have a co-teacher who suffered Aneu late last year & she underwent brain surgery & fortunately thru God's miracle she was able to recover.Prior to my co-teacher’s case, my husband's cousin also suffered Aneu,comatose for months in a hosp & also recovered.That is the time I begun to read abt this sudden attack in our brains' blood vessels.One time, a parenting seminar was held at my daughter's school.The guest speaker timely points out that anybody can be a victim of Aneu.but theres a proven technique how to avoid it..
When taking a bath, do not start pouring water on your head.This is a bad practice.Blood temperature will shoot up bec of the cold water, instead wet your feet first or lower extremeties,then wait for a few seconds & You can feel a fussing temperature inside you.Then slowly wetting your upper extremeties.It means to say taking bath from feet to head NOT head down, it will save YOU from aneurysm attack.
A sisterly reminder.You may share this also to friends!!!Life is precious.❤️
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This post is very convincing but there is a huge problem about this because according to many doctors "there is no scientific evidence" that showering feet to head will really help you, the rumors have no scientific basis about this matter.

Here's a statement from Dr. Kenny Seng from the Philippine General Hospital about the rumor.

       (This Statement Is From abs-cbn)


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It is best to consult your doctor for advice.

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Source: abs-cbn, webmd

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