Chayote Or Sayote Is Known For It's Bland Taste And Health Benefits

Chayote or Sayote in the Philippines is an edible plant that is very nutritious and delicious at the same time.

In the Philippines, Sayote is known to have least market value. One of the reasons why is because sayote has a bland taste and also it has a LOT of health benefits.

Here some of the health benefits you could get from sayote.

Great source of Amino Acids and Vitamin C - the seed consists of amino acids so it isn't suggested that to throw them it would be a waste.

The plant and most of its parts are edible – Almost all parts of the Sayote can be eaten from its fruits, roots, stems, shoots, and leaves.

Very affordable – Sayote's are very cheap and is always affordable since it supplies is always high.

Treats and prevents particular illnesses – Its fruits and shoots contain diuretic, cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory properties which help in preventing and treating some illnesses.

Can be eaten raw – Eating raw may not be common in the Philippines but in other countries, the raw of it is used as ingredients in their salad.

Easily grows – Growing the plant does not need much attention as long as you give it fertilizer and water and planted in a place with a temperature and soil conducive to its growth.
Help lose weight – It is because Sayote is low in calories.

Strengthens bone – Sayote is also rich in Vitamin K that strengthens bones and teeth.

Improves brain health – Eating it daily helps enhance brain memory and its function.

Also, here is the nutritional facts of sayote

Chayote, fruit, raw
Nutritional value        per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy                    80 kJ     (19 kcal)
Carbohydrates            4.51 g
Sugars                    1.66 g
Dietary fiber            1.7 g
Fat                              0.13 g
Protein                        0.82 g
Thiamine                    0.025 mg  (B1) (2%)
Riboflavin                  0.029 mg  (B2) (2%)
Niacin                         0.47 mg   (B3) (3%)
Pantothenic acid         0.249 mg  (B5) (5%)
Vitamin                       0.076 mg  (B6) (6%)
Folate                          93 μg        (B9) (23%)
Vitamin C             7.7 mg                 (9%)
Vitamin E             0.12 mg               (1%)
Vitamin K             4.1 μg                  (4%)
Calcium                     17 mg                  (2%)
Iron                             0.34 mg               (3%)
Magnesium             12 mg                  (3%)
Phosphorus             18 mg                  (3%)
Potassium             125 mg                (3%)
Zinc                             0.74 mg               (8%)


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Source: philnews

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