Location Of Your Acne On The Body Can Reveal Health Problems

Acne can occur to everyone and most of the time you wouldn't notice it until you touch it or see it in the mirror or someone tells you that you have one after seeing it. It can occur anywhere your skin such as chest, jaw, back, butt cheeks etc.

Many know that based on their experience with acne but what they didn't know is that acne can also reveal health problems.

Secrets about acne

* Acne that occurs on the lower part of the body (butt cheeks) may be caused by wearing a too tight underwear.

* When the acne pops on your jaw and neck this can be a sign of an overactive adrenal gland.

* Some of us experienced acne's at the back these are caused by the nervous digestive system.

* Acne's that are found on the chest may be caused by drinking too many cold beverages.

* Overproduction of dead cells may be the cause of the appearances of acne on your elbow.

* When acne's appear on your stomach it indicates about blood sugar imbalance.

* Acne's found on your legs or tights may be a symptom of some allergy to soap or your lotion.

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