Know How Your Body Clock Works And How It Affects Your Health

It is important to know how your body clock works because it can help us on improving our health. Body clock can really help us because they tell us when is the best to do something or to eat something or when we need to sleep.

This is how our body clock works


When its around 3-5AM the toxic waste in our lungs becomes loosened which means it is easier to get rid of them at this hour. Drink water and walk. Do some meditation and some breathing exercises.

Large intestine

If you drink a good amount of water and defecating at the hours 5-7AM will help repair the colon. But if you sleep in this period may lead to constipation and other health issues.


When the time is 7-9AM our stomach energies are the highest at this time and remember that don't eat big or heavy meals at this hour. Start the day by eating or drinking juice, water or milk etc.


Around 9-11AM the digestive fire is at peak and the spleen gets cleaned. This is also the best time to eat your main meal.


When the time is 11AM-1PM the food materials enter the bloodstream and the heart pumps nutrients throughout the system.

Small intestine

If you eat at this hours 1-3pm the food takes longer to digest and eating food at this hours can cause indigestion, bloating etc.


At this hour 3-5PM metabolic wastes from the morning nutrition intake clear which means making room for the kidney's filtration to come.


Around 5-7PM the kidney filters blood and maintains a proper chemical balance of blood-based on your nutritional intake of the day. The blood also delivers use available nutrients to all the tissues.


7-9PM the nutrients are now carried to the capillaries also to each sell and if you take some sugary sweets at this hours will cause lower back pain.

Blood vessels

When the time is 9-11pm this is the hours where our blood vessels work they go into repair mode so if you get headaches, feel tired or weak, this means that the blood vessels are on heavy repair.


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