Think Twice Before You Throw The Banana Peel It Has Many Uses

Before you throw that banana peel think first it can be useful or not. I know you probably think it is useless but after reading this you might want to think again before you throw those banana peels again. Banana peels are commonly thrown away in the trash bin due to is uselessness but there is more to banana peels than that. Here are some of its many uses.

Shoe polish

The inside of the banana peel can be used as a great shoe polish. Just rub it smoothly.

Bruise Patrol 

Rub banana peels on your bruise because it will help make it disappear.

Wart Cure

Dab the banana peel to the wart area and in 1-2 weeks it will disappear.

Itch Soother

Banana peels can help relieve bug bites and poison ivy. It won’t remove the oils that cause the itching but it’ll soothe the bite or rash altogether.

Silverware Polish

Blend banana peels with water and uses on your silver to take the polish off with a soft cloth.

Meat tenderizer

Add a banana peel to your next roast and it’ll add just enough moisture to ensure that roast doesn’t get too dry.

Splinter Removal

Banana peels help ease splinters out of your skin. Place banana peel on a splinter with athletic tape for a while and then try to ease the splinter out.

Aphid Control

Aphids don’t like banana peels. If you bury some around your roses or other plants aphids love (like cauliflower), you’ll deter them from coming around. Or, try this garlic/banana peel spray for aphids.

Teeth Whitener

Rub the inside of your banana peel on your teeth to whiten them. Apparently, the manganese, magnesium, and potassium help whiten the enamel of your teeth.


Banana peels break down pretty quickly and add wonderful nutrients to your soil. Throw them in your compost!


Banana peels rubbed on your acne will help in the acne curing process.

Dry Skin Cure

If you have psoriasis, try rubbing the inside of a banana peel on your affected areas twice a day and you’ll see the dry scaly skin dissipate.

Anti Depressant

Some researchers have found that if you drink a boiled banana peel water can help ease your depression.

Banana Peel Message

Leave a message for your child on their banana peel by pricking out letters with a toothpick, the skin will bruise and there will be a dark brown message for your sweetie by lunchtime.

Tomato Plant Fertilizer

Wrap a banana peel around your tomato starts when you plant them in the garden and they’ll enjoy the nutrients from the peel as they grow throughout the summer.


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