Secret On Having Brighter And Whiter Teeth

Remember those beautiful teeth you have when you were still a kid? Its whiteness is very unique and very pleasing to the eyes but as time passes by you will notice that your white teeth are now a color yellow it is a normal side effect of aging, eating, and especially smoking. The food and beverage we take every day is the biggest factor behind those yellow teeth.

There are various ways to make your teeth white again these include going to your dentist and some are homemade remedies.

Take Note:

When you are about to use whitening products make sure you consult your dentist first.

Home tooth-whitening kits

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There is a type of bleach that is very effective in whitening your teeth its called carbamide peroxide found in home tooth-whitening kits.

Tooth-whitening strips

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Tooth-whitening strips are simpler to use unlike DIY kits the strips contain a bleach gel but it is thin, invisible, and easy to apply strips.

Home Remedy

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The number one home remedy for whitening teeth is using baking soda. Get your toothbrush and just brush with baking soda.


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