Ready Or Not Ready Pimple And Should You Pop It Or Not

Pimples can be really annoying and irritating. Especially if it is swelling and becoming larger. You might be wondering on how do you get a pimple. A pimple appears almost anywhere on our skin but it is commonly found in our faces the reason a pimple appear is because of the excess oil getting trapped in the pores.

Now I know you might be asking yourself, Should I pop it? or Should I just leave it?

The answer is that you can pop it or you can just leave it. You can leave a pimple alone and it usually heals in a week or less on their own if it is a non-cystic zit.

As I have said you can pop it too and there are benefits on popping a pimple but there are also some problems that may arise.


Heals faster

Removing that pus will definitely accelerate the healing process but remember that a pimple must be "ripe" a ripe pimple is the one that is soft and the pus is visible at the top of your skin.

Reduce bump

We all know that a pimple will rise like a bump so popping it will reduce the size of the swelling.


Slows healing

Pimples contain bacterias so poking it can push the bacteria further into the pore, creating a deeper infection not only that your dirty fingers or tools will also worsen it. Thus, making it slower to heal because of the bacteria build up and further infection.


If popped in a wrong way the bacteria might spread to other pores and infects them that will cause more pimples.


If you injure your skin in any way will leave it vulnerable to bacterias and also puts you at risk for a long-term scarring.

Take Note:

Only pop those a pimple that has a soft white head that is visible on the surface of the skin this indicates that it is ready to be popped.

If there is only a bump and no visible pus don't pop it the pus is still inside and not yet surfaced which means it is not ready yet.


Wash hands

Clean your hands first because if not the bacterias may transfer to a pimple and other pores.

Wash Face

You might want to wash your face gently and thoroughly with soap and cleanser to remove some of the dirt and make-up.

Clean towel

Dab into a hot water and apply it gently unto a pimple to soften it (Hot water that you can take and not the one that is gonna hurt you).

Rubbing Alcohol

Get a cotton ball and apply rubbing alcohol into a pimple before and after popping.

Drying lotion

This will help disinfect and dry out a pimple after the pus has been removed.

Pop it with a clean towel covering your hands to surely not to infect it any further and some methods are using some tools such as sterilized sewing needle (cleaned by alcohol.) it is up to you what you want to try.


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