Health Is Wealth Said By A Student Who Got Sick Because Of Too Much Work

Have you ever heard of the saying "health is wealth"? The truth is those words are facts. We all know that everyone experiences stress especially those who are still studying. Why? Many adults know that there tons and tons of homework given on their school days and Facebook user Paj shared his experience and what happened to him.

Stress is only natural for everyone it's our response to our daily life. It can affect us emotionally, physically, and behaviorally. Stress isn't all that bad because the right amount of stress can be a positive force which helps us to do our best and keep us alert and energetic but too much stress, however, can make us tense, anxious and can cause sleep problems.

Signs of stress

When you are stressed you will experience many symptoms such as depression, tension, anxiety, apathy, sleep problems, and poor concentration that will surely affect your daily normal routine. So it is important to manage your stress.

Sleep problems such as sleep deprivation is a condition where a person isn't having enough sleep that can cause fatigue, daytime sleepiness, clumsiness and weight loss or weight gain.

About Paj case according to his post that stress plays a role in this situation due to extensive workloads and not enough rest or sleep.

Read his post:

There's nothing wrong about being grade conscious as long as WE DO NOT SACRIFICE BOTH OUR HEALTH & OUR WELL BEING. #lessonslearned
I've been suffering from an on & off fever for almost 3 weeks. It was my decision not to see my Doctor immediately bc on the first place, I always refuse to be absent during school days (kasi naman I know the struggle of missing lessons + it's either i have something to submit or something to present/to report everday). Second, during weekends, there goes this walang kamatayang scheduled meeting/shooting with your groupmates on a certain MT/PT.
Sleepless nights (bc of sabay sabay na deadlines ng various academic requirements kinabukasan that come in one package along with isang tambak na scheduled STs) fucked my health. Akala ko nung una kakayanin ko, basta there'll be at least one day in a week na tulog lang ako maghapon para makabawi, pero ofc I was wrong that's why I'm seriously ill rn.
This post is apparently different from the usual OOTD pic that I post online. I hope y'all let this post serve as an eye-opener that your HEATH will always be the best & real-est WEALTH that you could have. Let your desire for having a good health be greater than your desire to become a consistent honor student o ulirang mag-aaral ng Pilipinas SY 2017 2018.
To SOME of our DEAREST teachers,
Naiintindihan ko naman po if you really intended to schedule deadlines of different requirements simultaneously to TRAIN our TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS, pero I highly suggest you po to THINK TWICE, bc sometimes, hindi na po nakabubuti at praktikal pa sa kalusugan namin. Yun lang. Godspeed!!!!!!
                                (Photo Credits To Paj)

                                             (Photo Credits To Paj)


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Source: Paj , webmd

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