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Tilapia is a fish that is very popular in the Philippines because it is cheap and it is also tasty. Farm-raised tilapia has many health risks if consumed. Because they are feed processed food that consists of chemicals.

Farm-raised tilapia may cause inflammation.

People eat fish for their Omega-3 fatty acids and reduce the risk of heart attacks but in recent studies that have been concluded that eating farm-raised tilapia may only worsen inflammation that can lead to heart disease, arthritis, asthma and other health problems.

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Farm-raised fish is more prone to disease.

If your farm-raised fish are sick what will you give them? Antibiotics right? but did you ever wonder where do they get those antibiotics? Remember that what you feed them it becomes them so when they consume the antibiotics they will go to their bodies and system.

Farm-raised fish has fewer nutrients unlike to those who are caught on rivers and lakes.

The omega-3 fatty acid from farm-raised fish is much less compared to wild fish.

You can eat fish from markets but consume only a small amount.


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