Different Kinds Of Sleeping Positions That Can Affect Your Health

Sleeping less than the average time for sleep and sleeping more than the average time of sleep which is 8 hours has been linked to a host of health problems such as obesity, heart disease to dementia and diabetes. Sleeping positions also affect us from snoring, heartburn, and even wrinkles. Now let us know their good and bad effects.

Back Sleeping / Normal Sleeping Position

Sleeping and our face aren't facing the pillow can lead to fewer facial wrinkles and back sleeping is good for our spine and neck health because our back is straight and are not forced into any kind of contortions.

Although there are instances of snoring and sleep apnea. Sleeping on our backs and our face facing the ceiling means our tongue is forced by gravity to collapse into the airway, which leads to the obstruction of breathing and creates snoring. The doctors prescribe side sleeping as a treatment for sleep apnea.

Side Sleeping

Sleeping on the left side during pregnancy improves circulation to the heart that benefits both the mother and the baby according to doctors. Also when you sleep on your left side this position can also ease heartburn and acid reflux.

But sleeping on the left side also put pressure on the stomach and lungs and the number one problem in sleeping on your left side is arm numbness. When you sleep on your left side the most probable move you will take is to put your arm behind the head that can cause the restriction of blood flow which results in "rubber arm".

Stomach Sleeping

There's nothing much about stomach sleeping except this position can ease snoring and ease some cases of sleep apnea and that's about it.

This position is the worst position you could ever try. It flattens the natural curve of the spine, which can lead to lower back pain it also strains the neck because your head is facing sideways.

You could try experimenting what sleeping position is the best for you. Doing so won't do you any harm.


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