A Way To Get Rid Of Troublesome Mucus Or Phlegm

Have you ever experience a rough cough and most likely the reason for this is the build up mucus in our chests. This is not life threatening but this will definitely affect your daily routine because this might come annoying.

But do not worry because there are several ways to treat this.

Here some home remedies that you could try before consulting a doctor.

Drinking fluids

Many of us have heard people say that we have to drink lots of fluids if we have a cough. Well, this is true because the liquid help thins out mucus. Warm liquids, in particular, can help clear out some of the mucus in our chests and in our nose.

You may try drinking some of this:


*Chicken noodle soup

*Warm apple juice

*Decaffeinated black or green tea


You can also make your own steam room because steam can help loosen mucus and clear up congestion.

Now there is a natural remedy that is only beneficial in cases of mild or infrequent congestion.

Buckwheat Honey

You can find this kind of honey at most health food stores and specialty food shops. However, you shouldn’t give honey to children who are younger than 1 year due to the risk of botulism.

Vapor rubs

Vapor rubs also contain decongestive ingredients, but they're applied topically instead of ingested.

Many kinds of vapor rubs can be brought to your local drug stores.

Behind every vapor rubs have instructions on how to apply them. Vapor rubs are usually rubbed onto your chest.

Must Remember:

If symptoms persist consult your doctor. This is especially true if you have a fever, chest pain, or trouble breathing. It’s also important if:

*the congestion worsens and lasts longer than three or four days
*mucus changes from a runny substance to a thicker texture
*mucus has a green or yellow color, as this may indicate an infection

In most cases, mucus and related congestion will clear up within seven to nine days.

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Source: healthline

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