A Netizen Shared Her Easy And Affordable Beauty Tips And Remedies

Are you looking for cheaper beauty tips and remedies? Well, you came to the right place Facebook user Ann shared her secret for staying youthful and beautiful at the same time. She shared this to help other people in social media about their Dark underarm, chicken skin underarm and much more. Her post has gone viral because the tips she gave is very helpful. Let's find out what tips and remedies she shared through her blog and to her Facebook post.


*I'll share because I care :P*
1. Dark underarm? Use "eskinol classic white deep cleanser" (yan po exact name) . You can also use this sa singit every after ligo and before matulog. Very effective. Lagay nyo lang sa may bulak, and then pahid lightly sa kilikili or sa singit. Makikita nyo kahit bagong ligo kayo may dumi 'yung bulak.
2. Chicken skin underarm? Use pond's facial foam during every bath. Any facial foam from ponds will work since maganda naman facial foams nla.
3. Use and wonders of baking soda:
> whitens your teeth in 7days (proven)
HOW TO: Lagyan nyo yung toothpaste ng baking soda, no water, brush your teeth and then gargle. Brush it again with baking soda alone, and then gargle. Do this everyday.
> soften your hair (mix with your shampoo and then use it to massage unto your scalp and hair) it also thickens the hair.
4. BL Cream - P25 only (red po yung lagyanan)
> pampaputi ng singit (Mercury Drugstore and Watson's. Wala pa pong pekeng BL)
HOW TO: Put and spread an ample amount of BL cream sa area na gusto nyong paputiin. According to other comments below, pde din ito sa kilikili, singit, tuhod at sikong maitim. Wag lang sana sobrahan kasi baka magkaside effect. So dapat konti konti lang.
5. Castor Oil from Mercury Drugstore or Watson's
> Pampahaba ng pilikmata. Apply before matulog.
> cold-pressed po yung bilin kasi kapag hnd cold pressed makakairritate daw po ng eyes
> pag bago matulog iapply kasi pra nakapikit na po and hindi pumasok sa mata yung oil.
PS: These remedies are the ones I used personally. So tried and tested na siya.
✔️ For preggy, please ask your OBs if pwede itong mga recommendations ko kasi hindi ko rin po sure.
✔️ For underarm, pwedeng eskinol then BL. Use once daily. Kapag okay na, tigil na po baka masobrahan.
❌ DONT! Shave when you have your periods. Nakakaitim yun.
❌ DONT! Shave when your kilikili is bare. Dapat merong powder man lang or sabon, para hindi magasgas at mag chicken skin.
❌ DONT! Pluck kasi pag nabasa sya ng after plucking, mamaho siya, at magccause ng chicken skin. Dahil sa pagpapluck namamho ang kilikili.
Please take note na hindi po ako nag dedeo or tawas, so I suggest magpahid ng mga ito bago matulog, without the deo.
More detailed blog here - http://annsalasph.blogspot.com/…/tips-tuts-get-rid-of-your-…
Q&A: (Ask anything & I'll try to answer it)
1. Nakakaitim ba ng underarm ang deo?
- Yes po. Dipende yan sa hiyang mo. As for me, nagtry ako ng Dove na iniispray, nakaitim sya buti may eskinol so maputi ulit. I prefer not to use deo talaga.
2. What is your skin care routine?
- Wash ng face with Kojic soap. Use eskinol. Use Quick Fx Moisturizer/Primer before make up. I don't wash my face before matulog, naiiritate kasi 'yung skin ko don ako tinitigyawat :(
- 2x a week ako mag yelo ng face. Kuha ka lang ng small piece ng yelo, then balutan mo ng bimpo.

                      (Photo Credits To Ann Salas)

Many are asking if what she shared is legit and many are asking for advice. Let's read her response.

Wow. 1.5k shares. 😱
Pero andami rin PM. At ito na po ang sagot sa mga tanong n'yo!
1. Legit ba 'to? Opo. Di ko naman po ipopost kung gawa gawa or keme ko lang. Madami na rin nagcomment na effective sa kanila.
2. Pwede ba sabay ang eskinol and ponds? Pwede po. Maligo ka wash mo kilikili mo ng ponds, banlawan mo. Paglabas mo ng banyo, lagyan mo eskinol kilikili mo.
3. Pwede kang mag deo. Ako kc personally ayaw ko ng deo. Kanya kanya naman pong hiyangan yan.
4. Pag ayaw mo ng deo, kalamansi gamitin mo. Kapag tapos mo magsabon or bago, babaran mo ng kalamansi kilikili mo mga 5-10mins. Nakakatanggal ng amoy yan. Hugasan maige.
5. BL CREAM / Opo effective po talaga yan. Pag ginoogle nyo iisang BL cream pang po lalabas. Yun na po yun.
Sorry po sa mga PM na hnd ko na po masagot. HUNDREDS na po kasi mga messages sakin about dito. Basahin nyo na lang po ito at ang blog ko:

                                     (Photo Credits To Ann Salas)


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Source: Ann Salas

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