Positions And Timing On How To Conceive a Baby Boy Naturally.

Do you want to add a baby-boy to your family? There are many old wives’ tales that claim to help you conceive a baby boy. Many have no scientific backing. However, some techniques may improve your chances of conceiving a boy naturally and even have scientific evidence to back them-up

1. Time your ovulation
women only carry x chromosomes, men have both one female X and 1 male Y chromosome. This means the male partner determines the sex of a baby. A male Y chromosome sperm may swim faster than the female X chromosome but the X chromosome have more endurance keeping track of your ovulation cycle with calendar or app can help you have s*x closest to when your body releases the egg this might increase the likelihood of having a boy, because the Y chromosome sperm may not tire out before reaching the egg.

2. Do deep penetrative position
Having s*x in position that deeply penetrate the woman could increase the chance of having a baby boy. This may give the male Y chromosome a head start on reaching the egg because they can swim faster than the female X chromosome sperm, though there is no evidence to prove this.

Try any of the following our deep penetration positions
-Standing Up
-Woman on top
-Doggystyle or from behind
-Missionary with the woman's legs pulled toward her chest

3. Attempt to give the woman an orgasm during s*x
According to shuttles method, male sperm which are more fragile than female sperm tend to die faster in the acidic environment inside the v*gina. With this logic, giving the woman in orgasm can improve the chances of the during female orgasms.

Extra cervical fluid is released decreasing the acidity inside the v*gina. This makes the environment more hospitable to male sperm. Consider manual or oral stimulation before penetration. This may help the woman orgasm more quickly than the man.

4. Thin cervical mucus with Guaifenesin
Cervical mucus that is thin may be more favorable to the male Y chromosome. Guaifenesin which is generally found in cough syrups can also help thin cervical mucus. Taking guaifenesin during ovulation may increase your chances of having a baby boy.

Note: Talk to your doctor before taking guaifenesin to ensure it is safe for you to use.

5. Follow a high alkaline or a boy diet
Reducing the acidity in a woman's cervical fluid can also increase the chances on conceiving a baby boy. eat alkaline foods such as spinach or beets in the weeks prior to ovulation to optimize your chances of having a boy.

Examples of high alkaline foods include:
Olive flax
Sesame oils

6. Consume more potassium or Sodium
There is some evidence that women who consume more potassium and sodium may be more likely to conceive boys. increase your potassium and sodium intakes within reason in the weeks before ovulation.

7. Discuss your option with your doctor
Your doctor may have suggestion for increasing the likelihood of having a baby boy. Meet them in the months or weeks prior to conceive. They may suggest everything from in vitro fertilization to implantation genetic diagnosis.

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