How To Know If A Person Is Acidic, What It's Symptoms/Remedies And How To Prevent This

How To Know If A Person Is Acidic, What It's Symptoms/Remedies And How To Prevent This

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), also known as acid reflux, is a long-term condition where stomach contents come back up into the esophagus resulting in either symptoms or complications.

How will you know if a person is acidic?

When a person is acidic their immune system becomes weak which causes the person to be prone to some sickness. But how is a person get acidic? There are many reasons on why a person becomes acidic it is due to no exercise, drinking alcohol while your stomach is empty, smoking, sleeping really late, and not eating right.

Symptoms of Gerd/Acid reflux:

If you have Gerd/acid reflux you may experience these symptoms that will affect your daily lifestyle/routine.

*Sore throat
*Dry cough
*Having trouble with breathing
*Chest pain
*Having trouble with sleeping
*Feels like you are being choked
*Pain in your bones
*Rush beating of the heart


*Your immune system becomes weak
*Allergies such as a cough, asthma, and cold
*Sudden loss of weight
*Swelling of the esophagus

Vitamins that goes away from the body:


So it is best to take some vitamins which are rich in these minerals.

Reasons why you get this:

If your stomach gets too many bad bacteria or any kind of food we eat that is rich with bad bacteria may cause them to multiply rapidly in our stomach which causes us to burp and fart.


*Eat and drink anything that is rich with alkaline.
*Eat fruits that are watery (No citrus)
*Vitamins (non-acidic)

Foods that you need to avoid:

*Coffee, wine
*Foods that are hard to digest
*Red meats
*Starchy fruits and vegetables
*Foods that are rich in unhealthy carbohydrates
*Fruits that are sour
*Foods that are greasy

Things you need to do:

*Munch your food thoroughly
*Using your spoon consume small amounts only
*After you eat don't go to bed right away it is best to walk for a while.
*Sleep while facing on your left side to balance the acid in your stomach.
*Drink alkaline water 1 hour before eating. Note: do not drink alkaline water while eating. After you eat wait 30mins before drinking alkaline water again.
*Avoid sleeping late
*Avoid getting starved
*Avoid getting full to prevent bloated bellies that cause reflux
*Stop your bad habits (smoking/drinking alcohol etc.)

Acid reflux/GERD can be cured but it can return once the bad bacteria return and getting stressed. Though acid reflux isn't deadly. It can stay a short or long period of time depending on how many bad bacteria in our stomach.

Just follow a healthy lifestyle and you will be cured in no time.


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