Bulateng Nakakabaog At Nakakakanser Na Nakukuha Sa Tubig. Alamin Kung Papaano Ito Nakukuha At Maiiwasan.

Schistosomiasis is an acute and chronic parasitic disease caused by blood flukes (trematode worm).

Snail fever and Bilharzia is a disease caused by parasitic flatworms called schistosomes. The urinary tract or the intestines may be infected. Signs and symptoms may include abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloody stool, or blood in the urine. 

Those who have been infected for a long time may experience:
-Liver damage
-Kidney failure
-Bladder cancer

 In children, it may cause:
-Poor growth
-Learning difficulty.


1. Prevention is best accomplished by eliminating the water-swelling snails that are the natural reservoir of the disease.

2. Avoid swimming or wading in freshwater when you are in countries in which schitosomiasis occurs. Swimming in the ocean and in chlorinated swimming pools is safe.

3. Drinking safe water. Although schistosomiasis is not transmitted by swallowing contaminated water, if your mouth or lips come in contact with water containing the parasites, you could become infected.

4. Water used for bathing should be brought to a rolling boil for 1 minute to kill any cercariae, and then cooled before bathing to avoid scalding. Water held in a storage tank for at least 
1-2 days should be safe for bathing.


1. In severe acute schistosomiasis, management in an acute care setting is necessary, with supportive measures and consideration of glucocorticoid treatment. Once the acute critical phase is over, specific chemotherapy is indicated for parasite elimination.

2. For all individuals with establishment infection, treatment to eradicate the parasite should be administered. The drug of choice is praziquantel administered PO as a total of 40 or 60 mg/kg in two or three doses over a single day.

3. Praziquantel treatment results in parasitologic cure in 85% of cases and reduces egg counts by > 90%.

Trematode Worm

Schistosome Eggs

Infection and transmission

People become infected when larval forms of the parasite, released by freshwater snails, penetrate the skin during contact with infested water.

Transmission occurs when people suffering from the illness goes freshwater sources with their excreta containing parasite eggs, which hatch in water.

The larvae develop into adult schistosomes in our body. Adult worms live in the blood vessels where the females release eggs. Some of the eggs are spread through feces and urine, while others are trapped in our body tissues.

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Twelve million Filipinos are believed to be at risk from a killer bulate that is endemic to a number of provinces in the Philippines.

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Bulateng Nakakabaog At Nakakakanser Na Nakukuha Sa Tubig. Alamin Kung Papaano Ito Nakukuha At Maiiwasan. Bulateng Nakakabaog At Nakakakanser Na Nakukuha Sa Tubig. Alamin Kung Papaano Ito Nakukuha At Maiiwasan. Reviewed by Viral Sa Ilong on 12:35 AM Rating: 5