Ano Ang Ibig Sabihin Ng Kulay Ng Iyong Regla?

Stomach cramps, moods and an insatiable hunger, your period may actually be trying to tell you a little bit more about your health.
The color of your monthly flow can actually tell you if everything is functioning smoothly down there or if you’ve got a serious menstruation situation. This color is sending you some major signals and here are the meaning of each colors of your period.
Bright Red Blood – this usually indicates the very start of your cycle. Your uterine lining is shedding, and fast – this usually comes with the unpleasurable cramps. In very rare cases this could indicate a ruptured ovarian cyst or miscarriage, vary rare cases ladies, so don’t go getting your knickers in a knot.
Dark Red Blood – this means your blood has been around for longer. This color blood appears at the end of your cycle due to high estrogen levels, thick lining and a slower shedding rate (all completely normal).
Brown or Black Blood – most common at the very end of your period (light flow or spotting), it’s been stored up the longest.
Light-Coloured Spotting – if right before your period you notice light red or pink spotting this could indicate low estrogen levels. Hormonal issues can lead to other issues later in life (infrequent periods and dryness to name a few) head to your local GP or a gyno if they persist.
Orange Blood – if there is an orange tinge to your blood check for these signs to see if it’s a problem. A ‘slippery’ texture is normal but anything else – especially a bad smell, could be a sign that your blood has mixed with cervical fluids, which is usually the indicator of an infection or STD. If you see this head to your GP or gyno to get it sorted as soon as possible.
Blood Clotting - is pretty normal to see in your monthly flow, especially towards the end of your cycle. Throughout your period Protein Fibrin activates the platelets in your blood to clot it. If you notice white fibres in the clots don’t worry, this is just one of the completely normal side effects. Do worry if you have an unusually high amount of clotting, this can signify a miscarriage – contact your doc if you are worried.
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