3 Amazing Methods To get Rid Of Disease Carrier Rats Once And For All.

This rats leave feces and urinate everywhere which is toxic to humans and carry diseases.
Specially if you have little children or pets.

They reproduce so fast that one rat female can have 15-22 mice annually, so if not eliminated in time, you will have hundred of them before you know it. 

We usually use rat traps such as baygon food poison and some trap cages. But in time they learn to avoid it, so we will share to you another way or a natural remedies to exterminate those vermins.


Mice and rats can’t burp, so put a couple of bowls of fizzy drinks in strategic spots. They will come out of hiding and drink the soda, which will eventually be fatal for them.





Make a mixture of flour, salt and plaster and put it in the areas frequented by the rodents. Mice and rats will eat anything including this mixture. As it’s salty, they will be very thirsty after eating it, but once they drink some water the plaster in their body will solidify, effectively killing them.

Chocolate and plaster

This method works exactly the same as the previous one, but it’s based on chocolate which rats surely wouldn’t resist.

Try any of these tips and you will quickly get rid of the mice and rats in your home. 


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