Mga Pagkain Kinakain Ng Mga Buntis Para Maging Maputi Ang Kanilang Anak, Kahit Na Maitim Ka

Foods That Makes Your Unborn Baby Fair During Pregnancy

 1. Pomegranate

Pomegranate juice has high supplements of vitamin A, C and E and minerals
such as calcium, phosphorous, potassium, iron and folic acid.
If pregnant women drinks Pomegranate juice every day in morning with the empty stomach, then baby will have pinkish fair tone.

 2. Watermelons

Watermelons being a good source of antioxidants act as natural toner and excellent for exfoliating the skin. 
Daily intake of watermelon at afternoon will helps the pregnant women to get glowing and fair skin for her babies.

3. Strawberry 

Eating few strawberries every day increases the pigmentation of the baby which results in fair skin tone for babies.

 4. Saffron Milk

Saffron milk is considered another useful food for a pregnant woman who wants to give birth to a fair child, 
as saffron is regarded as a powerful food, full of energy giving and skin friendly minerals.
woman who consumes Saffron Milk during pregnancy will have a child with fair and glowing complexion.

 5. Oranges

Oranges are loaded with Vitamin C, which makes it an excellent inclusion for a perfect pregnancy diet.
A pregnant woman will not only do a great favour to her unborn child’s 
health by consuming oranges daily, but also ensure glowing and fair skin for the baby.

 6. Ghee

Ghee or clarified butter is regarded as the ultimate pregnancy food because
it not only gives loads of energy but also facilitates easy delivery. 
Additionally, it has a positive impact on the skin tone of the fetus. 
This is why a pregnant woman is suggested to have lots of it, particularly as she nears the delivery. 
Women suffering from high blood pressure should however, avoid ghee.

7. Almonds

Research has shown that nuts have omega 3 fatty acids which play 
a key role in the mental development of a baby. 
Pregnant woman should consume some soaked and peeled almonds every day for getting a fair skinned baby.

8. Eggs
Eggs are not only considered as an excellent source of protein, 
but eating eggs during pregnancy also guarantees that the baby would be born with a fair skin. 
Women are recommended to have egg whites daily during the second trimester of pregnancy.

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Mga Pagkain Kinakain Ng Mga Buntis Para Maging Maputi Ang Kanilang Anak, Kahit Na Maitim Ka Mga Pagkain Kinakain Ng Mga Buntis Para Maging Maputi Ang Kanilang Anak, Kahit Na Maitim Ka Reviewed by Viral Sa Ilong on 12:50 PM Rating: 5