Symptoms And Treatment For Dystychiphobia Also Known As Excessive And Irrational Fear Of Accidents.

Symptoms And Cure For Dystychiphobia Also Known As Excessive And Irrational Fear Of Accidents.

Dystychiphobia is an excessive and irrational fear of accidents, and for some victims, this fear can become so severe that it may alter their life choices.

A person suffering from this Dystychiphobia becomes obsessed with the idea that every action they made will trigger an accident or somehow put them in harm’s way, and if that happens, they feel powerless to prevent a potentially grim final outcome.

Dystychiphobics experience feelings of extreme fear in contexts that would seem entirely safe to most people. If something bad could conceivably happen, dystychiphobics will be aware of the risk, no matter how small it might be, and they will often replay the most horrible scenarios over and over in their heads until they become paralyzed with fear and overwhelmed by premonitions of impending disaster.

The one bit of good news is that this condition, dystychiphobia sufferer might be overcome with anxiety only when driving, walking outside after dark, climbing a ladder, or working in an environment where toxic chemicals are used or stored nearby.

But the odds of such a thing happening on a particular day and at a particular time are remote, and it is this greater perspective that eludes Dystychiphobia. If something can happen, they are convinced it probably will, and it is almost as if they see themselves as jinxed or cursed.

Most of the sufferer's from Dystychiphobia experienced an accident in real life that is directly related to the circumstances they have come to fear. Or, alternatively, they may have been very close to someone who was killed or critically injured in a certain setting, and the memory of that tragic loss will eventually lead the Dystychiphobia to develop extreme feelings of worry and self-consciousness when they find themselves in equivalent situations.

A Dystychiphobia episode is essentially a type of panic attack, and is likely to include at least some of the following symptoms:

Shortness of breath
Heart palpitations/rapid pulse
Dry mouth
Uncontrollable shaking
Feelings of unsteadiness
Excessive sweating
An obsessive concern with fainting or passing out
A deep and pervasive sense of dread or impending doom

Anyone experiencing such symptoms should not be operating a motor vehicle or other type of heavy machinery, working with substances that must be handled with great care, or doing anything remotely dangerous or capable of testing a person’s equilibrium.

Treatment for Dystychiphobia:

If you believe you might be suffering from Dystychiphobia, you should take heart and visit any qualified psychologist or psychiatrist they should be able to help you develop effective strategies to overcome your fear-driven instincts. This will involve exposure therapy to some extent, but this should not provoke concern; you will be allowed to tackle your disorder at a controlled and comfortable pace, and you will never be asked to confront your fears in any direct way before you are clearly ready. With a help of a trained professional, you will be able to escape from the clutches of the steadily escalating fears that have been holding you back and preventing you from enjoying your life to the fullest.

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