This Leaf Can Help You Fight Joints Pains, Memory Loss, Headache And Varicose Veins

Laurel is known as an aromatic evergreen trr that is frequently used as a spice of flavoring for numerous dishes and recipes.

Apparently, every one of us has Laurel in our homes for us to make our food even better. However, did you know that this plant has more effective and efficient way to contribute to your overall health?

This incredible leaf has a lot of medicinal components. You can cure many health issues while utilizing this kind of plant by extracting its oil and use it.

Benefits of Laurel Leaf:

1. Efficiently excellent in cleansing and reᄤning the colon
2. Ideal for calming the nerves all around our body
3. It will provide you with more intelligence and intellectual focus
4. The varicose veins and joint pain will disappear
5. Eliminate the swelling in our body
6. Boost your immunity
7. Massage it with warm laurel oil will treat your aching joints.
8. It is the perfect solution for ear pains and migraines.
9. Remove a headache by rubbing it on the temples.
10. It is perfect for reducing the body temperature.
11. It can improve the intestine work and the digestion.
12. Perfect for renal and hepatic issues.
13. If you experience skin problems, use it as a lotion.
14. Eliminates acne and pimples.

Laurel Oil Recipe:

30 grams of Bay leaves
25 ml of olive oil
How to prepare?
At first, we will need bay leaves for extraction in a way where we are grinding it.

Then, put the olive oil over the leaves.

Put the resulting mixture in a jar. Close the jar tight. You need to leave the jar in a
high-temperature room for the minimum duration of two weeks.

You will have to shake it occasionally. When two weeks went by, strain the resulting
mixture with gauze and put everything in another clean container with the lid.

It is recommended to keep this mixture in high-temperature areas.

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