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The human body is smart and it can warn you about health issues. Don't ignore the next 10 signs, they can literally save your life.

1. The Sclera Tells It All
The Sclera, which is the white part of your eyes, must stay white no matter what. In case it's red, you need to worry. It can be caused from some kind of viral disease, allergic response or even stress.

2. Gray Hair Before 35
Might indicate diabetes, years of stress and sorrow, and maybe it's just your genes.

3. Tons Of Moles
Some of them are just 100% harmless, but some of these moles might indicate skin cancer... You must check these out as soon as you find them on your body.

4. Dry / Chapped Lips
Can be caused by regular temperature changes, but in severe cases it can be due to lack of vitamin B, C or Zinc. Also, it might be some kind of unpleasant lips fungus infection.

5. The Swollen Neck Symptom
Usually can be found in women between 30-55. This can be caused when there is an infection or even just a sore throat, but a Swollen neck can also be caused by a Thyroid condition that needs to be checked out by your doctor.

6. Look At Your Hands Red Palms
Can be just some regular allergic reaction, or in more severe cases,can indicate a liver problems.

7. Eyebrows Loss
If you are starting to lose your eyebrows, it probably means that something is wrong with your thyroid function.

8. When Your Feet Are Usually Freezing
Have you ever heard about the "Reynald's disease"? Neither have I!
"Reynald's disease" is an autoimmune disease that tightens the blood vessels in your feet, hands, nose and even ears, which makes your feet feel so cold.

9. When Your Face Color Turns Into Red
Might be caused by regular temperature changes, but in some cases it is caused by hormonal changes as well, mostly in women.

10. Your Nails Getting Weird!
Nail changes are a great way of telling your body's general health state. When their color becomes too white, especially on the edges, you need more calcium.

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