This pretty hot chic inspired the world with her story. The ending will give you HOPE and leave you in TEARS.

This pretty hot chic inspired the world with her story. The ending will give you HOPE and leave you in TEARS.

This pretty chic's post went VIRAL in social media, many netizens gave her encouraging words that despite her age she knows the value and the maturity to face the world. Samantha Ramos tells all, about her love, struggles, heartbreak and her inspiration to move on.  Read her story

W a r n i n g: Mahaba haba po etong post nato kaya HUWAG BABASAHIN KUNG HINDI TATAPUSIN. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™‚This is for my FRIENDS kasi super dami ko ng utang na totoong sagot sa bawat tanong nila sakin, and to my family who maybe are concern and curious about the photos that I'll be posting. At para narin po sa mga taong nauna ng magpakalat ng mga chismis tungkol sakin. ☺️Ang mga ilalahad ko rito ay pawang katotohanan lamang, walang halong kwentong kababalaghan. ✋🏻Direct to the point na lahat hindi napo liliko ang storya. πŸ˜…
This may sound really childish but then again I just want to post my mini story in an album. You'll find out later whyyy πŸ’›

So first of all, gusto kong humingi ng sorry dahil sa mga sasabihin ko dito. Matagal ko ng tinago, matagal akong nagtiis para sa ikabubuti ng taong dahilan ng lahat ng post nato. Pasensya na kung nagkaron ako ng lakas ng loob para magsalita ☺️
Ps (for him): Mawawala man yung respeto ko sayo, hinding hindi mawawala ang respeto at pagmamahal ko sa pamilya mo πŸ™ƒ

So it all started here... again. My ex boyfriend messaged me this. (Anniv date: 07/07) And Idk why he did so. It's been almost 6months that we haven't talked since he cheated again last December 2015. πŸ™ƒ (About the previous short convo that we had, may pinapasuyo lang yata that time kaya need in pm)


2014 Hindi ko parin makalimutan yung pinakaunang masakit na nagawa mo sakin, yung may nangyari sainyo ng teammate mo. Hinahayaan ko lang na tumambay kayo sa dorm mo kasi sabi mo bestfriend/ate ate mo yon. Bat ko nmn pagdududahan diba po? Pero lagi na palang may nangyayari sainyo. πŸ™ƒ Galing ni besty. Tanga ni Girlfriend. πŸ™ˆ Tapos nakipagbreak nako sayo ng tuluyan, ilang buwan na hindi na tayo nag uusap. Pero dumating yung araw na nagsimula kana namang manuyo, ginagawa mo lahat at lagi kang umiiyak sa harap ko. At binigyan kita ng chance kasi mahal kita e at tanga ako. 😬 Hanggang sa mag iisang taon na hindi parin official na nagkabalikan na tayo, pero lagi tayong magkasama at sabik na sabik kana sa "Oo" ko, excited ndn akong maging tayo ulit at simulang ayusin ang nasira nating relasyon. πŸ™‚

(Late 2014 Picture)

December 4, 2015
Sinurprise moko nung birthday ko. Andaming gifts, may mga post-it with sweet messages, may madaming pictures ntn, at kung ano pa. Kilig na kilig ako sa effort mo pero pinaiyak muna kita, pinakita ko muna sayo na kunwari disappointed ako pero gusto ko lang talaga mas makita reaction mo na what if kunwari di ako natuwa sa surprise (lol) para maiba. πŸ˜…

Malapit na Christmas vacation natin, nagpaalam ka skn na magiging busy ka the whole vacation kasi darating lahat ng pinsan mo, may family reunion kayo at magbobonding kayo. Sympre okay lang diba basta update update kahit papano ☺️ Nagulat ako hindi kana talaga nagparamdam non. Pero di nagtagal nalaman ko may nangyari pala sainyo ng pinsan/tita mo. Tas ang idadahilan mo lasing na lasing na kasi kayo non. Talaga naman πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ» Akala mo kindat lang eh. Ang saya saya saya saya saya woooh πŸŽ‰

The reason why I gave up our relationship. So ayon di nagtagal naging kayo na πŸ™‚ For 6months It has been my moving on stage, I've been good (so far). I believe he's happy already with his new love. I respected them and kept my mouth shut. Nakita ko parang masaya ka nmn na talaga πŸ™‚ (Fast forward ⏩) So I spent my time with my family and friends. Sumali sa iba't ibang activities in school which made me really busy and sa awa ng Diyos puro panalo nmn yayy πŸ†πŸ‘‘ bawing bawi ang hapdi, and unti unti nakong nakakausad. πŸ™πŸ» There were suitors but still not ready to be in a relationship again. Para sakin big deal lahat at hindi ganon kadali pumasok sa bagong relasyon ulit.

But then nagulat ako sa message nayun. Bakit? Bakit po? Bakit kelangan mong gawin to? At bakit nasasaktan pdn ako. Okay nako e diba? Okay nako. Bat nanggugulo kana nmn? 🎯 Tapos hindi kana tumigil. Nangungulit kana naman. Nung unang nag usap tayo ulit sa personal kinwento mo skn kung gano kana ka loyal sa Girlfriend mo ngayon, na hindi tulad sakin dati. Nag sorry kdn sa lahat ng nagawa mo. Sabi mo gusto mo lang friends pdn tayo. Sabi mo nangako ka sa Gf mo na hinding hindi mo na uulitin pa lahat ng ginawa mo sakin sakanya. I was happy tho, na nakakaisip kapa pala ng ganyan. πŸ™‚ Pero di nagtagal, hindi nmn pala? Bumalik kana nmn. Umiiyak kana nmn. Napakagaling mong umiyak sa harap ko. Sabi mo hindi mo kaya, na iba pala talaga kami. Sabi mo gusto mo lang siya kasi peaceful lang relasyon niyo hindi kayo lagi nag aaway. Pero nahiya nmn ako sa Ldr niyo, walang wala siyang alam sa mga ginagawa mo sa Manila. Sa isang buwan isang beses lang kayo nagkikita. Pero sabi mo mas masaya ka skn kasi sobrang komportable lang tayo sa isa't isa, lagi nagtatawanan at malalakas ang trip kasi kayo 6yrs gap niyo kaya minsan hndi magkasundo trip niyo. Matured na siya at ikaw nag aadjust palang.

Naaalala ko rin lahat ng pinagyayabang mo na isang parinig mo lang sa Gf mo binibili na agad yung gusto mo, pati andaming niyong napupuntahan na lugar at libre ng mom niya hotel niyo. At dahil don nabansagan ng mga kaibigan mo ng sugarmommy yung gf mo. Hindi ka pdn nag iingat sa mga salita mo, may mga bagay na hindi nmn na dapat ipagmayabang, binigyan mo lang ng rason mga kaibigan mo para pag usapan kayo. Tapos isa sa pinakanakakatangang ginawa ko eh yung pumayag akong samahan ka para bumili ng Birthday Gift para sakanya. Ako pa talaga yung tinanong mo. Tapos sabi ko "bakit ako pa?" Sabi mo "babawi ka lang nmn sa lahat ng nabigay niya sayo" aba syempre uto uto ako kaya naniwala lang ako. 😌

We didn't had the chance to have closure dahil narin sa sobrang galit ko non before. Hanggang sa nagtagal na, ilang beses namin sinabi na tama na wag na namin ituloy or sagipin pa yung past nmin dahil okay na siya sa Gf niya, pero lumuhod siya, umiyak, humingi ng chance at sinabing hintayin ko siya at aayusin niya lahat. Nahirapan lang raw talaga siyang makipag break dahil Tita niya yon and tanggap na sila ng family nila. And sooo onnn, fast forward kwento 20x ⏩

So here I am again, It's the thing where I'm really good at. Ang paulit ulit na saktan yung sarili. πŸ’”

In a situation like this, I thought the hardest part would be confessing or telling my Mom and Dad that "I am Pregnant" but then I was wrong. It's when I fought this battle ALONE. I confessed it alone. And I suffered even more emotionally, alone. (Physically? It's given when you're pregnant, you'll seriously suffer a lot down from your scalp to your bones) 🐼 I'm such a fool to believe that He would fight for me, for us. That he would change. That this time he'll really mean his promises. Turns out to be a Bluff. Aye? As a woman who's just about to start her career in the real world, as a girl who has so many dreams and almost everyone she knows believed in her... thank you for trying your best to ruin my plans. πŸ™‚ I maybe a failure in the eyes of some but I'll bounce back, I'll fight and I know I'm brave enough to accept this life. ☺️I may have not planned this but it happened. Plan A maybe won't work anymore, I still have Plan B-Z!!! So let's go fighting πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ˜œ

First I would like to congratulate myself for this success. Wow success 😢 Nakayanan ko ang depression, nakayanan ko ang hirap, nakayanan kong kayanin lahat. πŸ€” I was really scared at first, especially when I told Him that I got positive... in PT (lol) but then I became more scared of what he said, the cliche line "Hindi pa ako ready, pano yung family ko? Kelangan ntn gawan ng paraan to" it's seriously hard to decide. Time passed by, I had no choice.. (Wow cliche rin!) I'm scared, I believed I'm still young, and I'm a graduating student, my family's been waiting for my success... even if I'm going to say that I'm somehow ready for this still I'm thinking I cannot do this alone. I cannot raise the baby by myself. So I did what he told me to do (Yes ang tanga tanga tanga ko sorry), sabi nmn hindi pa buo, dugo palang so kaya pa. So Yes I took the meds he bought me, ate bawal foods for pregnants, tried half of the things that could possibly rid off the baby... I bled, yes I bled a lot, everyday everynight and yung feeling na iba na talaga yung lumalabas, akala ko nga intestine ko nayun (seriously πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜…) which made us think that it's already gone (the baby). Wala na, wala na yung baby sa tyan ko. Ilang buwan na suffering... The result?

Got confined for 1 week. I became really weak. Parang kinuha ni Naruto lahat ng lakas ko. At sobrang pumayat ako. πŸ’€

Still I'm doing my best to get up and be strong kahit nakailang remind na yung doctor bawal pa talaga akong pumasok because I'm still weak and baka bigla nalang akong mahimatay, but it's because I have a lot of things to do in school, I have lots of paperworks, exams etc. I have to pretend everyday that I am okay, that I'm doing just good. Pumapasok ako hilong hilo, putlang putla, hindi makausap dahil nawawala bigla sa focus. And FINALS yun, kaya kelangan kong magpalakas, kelangan kong lumaban. And I think I did a good job, masaya akong makita ang name ko sa list of graduates... (and nakayanan kong pumasa kay Santi at nag top one time kay Daraway πŸ˜… hindi sila basta basta guys ☹️️ HAHA) So mejo nakalimutan ko na yung masaklap na nangyari sakin. Andami ng nangyari, isasali ko na dito yung time na nabastos ako sa Van. Sobrang pagod nako sa mga ginagawa sa school, tas kakarecover ko lang, andami ko ng masamang napagdaanan, tapos nakaidlip lang ako sa Van hinipuan pako. And so on and so forth. Naganap na ang mga dapat maganap sa school pero hndi ko mn lang nakuha ang justice na tinatamo ko kahit naihain na lahat ng ebidensya still nabaliktad kapa. Kasi nga daw papangalagaan ang image ng school. Gandang catholic school hanupo. πŸ™ƒNauubusan nako ng lakas para bang pinagkaisahan ako ng mundo. [LESSON: Hindi niyo alam ang pinagdadaanan ng bawat taong makakasalamuha niyo kaya kung may kagaguhan kayong gagawin, sarilihin niyo nalang po] Tapos sunod sunod pakong nawawalan ng pera sa dorm, allowance ko. Hanggang sa wala nakong makain. Pag uwi ng bahay nawala pa yung mga gadgets ko and nawalan nanaman ako ng pera, yung dad ko nagkaproblema sa company nila. Andaming nanakaw sa bahay. Naloko kami ng katulong ko. Araw araw umiiyak sa dami ng problema. I became worst and nobody know that.

Stress became my breakfast, my lunch and my dinner. I always Pray that soon everything will be better, I know he's always watching and I know this is just part of my life. The moment when you want to Quit is the moment when you have to keep on pushing. Walang papatinag. Babangon si Sam! πŸ™‚ I know he's with me, God is always with me. Lahat dinadaan ko sa dasal and I know it's really effective. Eto lang ang di nabibili at di natutumbasan na pwede mong ipanlaban sa lahat ng problema mo. πŸ™πŸ»❤️✨ I may have questioned God why he did this to me but I still understand why I have to go through things and challenges like this. Someday I'll have back my Rainbow 🌈

4months passed, mag no-November na!!! Excited na ako sa Marcha namin. "Finally I have something in my hands that could make my parents really proud of me!" Of course hindi nila alam ang nangyari sa only girl nila sa loob ng apat na buwan dahil malayo sila pareho sakin. At isa yon sa pinakamahirap, yung wala yung magulang mo sa tabi mo and you have to lie every damn time kasi ayaw mong mag alala sila sayo. πŸ’”

One night while hanging out with my friends, they're always having fun of my tummy. "Hindi talaga normal bilog ng tyan mo be! Sure kabang hindi ka buntis?" And I'm like, "Nooo! Grabe naman kayo πŸ˜’ Alam niyo namang malaki talaga tyan ko every after kumain." (Of course they don't know my story, walang nakakaalam kundi kaming dalawa lang ni Guy) after ilang days and nights na magkasama kami na puro ganun nlng sinasabi nila sakin, sabi ko "Be mag PT kaya ako?" Kaya bumili kami. Bago pa yan, nag inom muna kami ng besfy ko sa bahay (of course po Girl), so I have decided to take the Pt sa morning nalang. Pagkaumaga I took the Pt, and ye it's positive... 😨 Umiyak ako, ang aga aga 6am umiiyak ako. Tinawag ko yung friend ko para ipakita yung result, napamura siya pero hndi niya ko pinagalitan, inamin ko sknya yung totoong nangyari sakin in four months. Dun na siya nagalit, (Her: Alam mo bang sa ginagawa mo hindi lang yung baby ang maaapektohan? Nilagay mo narin sa bingit ng kamatayan yung buhay mo!!!) and she asked me what would be my decision, she hurriedly called the Guy to tell my situation, she was begging for me to see a doctor kung ano ng condition ng baby sa loob ng tummy ko. Pumayag ako magpacheck up THAT DAY agad. So pumunta nmn si Guy. Hindi ko pa alam kung ano irereact ko to be exact sa mga nangyayari, parang tulala lang ako. Even before ako tawagin ng doctor ang sabi na agad ni Guy "basta kahit anong mangyari kelangan natin siya tanggalin jan", yes I'm speechless. Pumasok na ako, it's my turn. Grabe yung kaba ko. Yung mga tanong sa utak ko "Buhay pa kaya siya?" "Pano pag hindi na? Hala nabulok siya dito" "Kung buhay baby ko kompleto kaya yung mga daliri niya?" "Maayos pa kaya yung itsura niya?" πŸ˜«πŸ˜­πŸ’” Ultrasound na, tapos naiyak ako sa sinabi ng doctor "Wow ang healthy naman ni baby sobrang likot." 😭 "bilangin nga ntn ang mga daliri... ayan kompleto! Alagang alaga ni mommy oh. For sure girl to!" sa isip isip ko "Lumaban yung Baby ko!!!!!!! Kahit andami ko ng masamang napagdaanan hindi siya bumitaw. Sana patawarin moko baby sa nagawa ko sayo" 😭😭😭 yung tipong hindi ako makatingin sa doctor kasi ayaw tumigil ng luha ko na kusang bumabagsak. πŸ˜” Hindi biro yung pinagdaanan kong stress sa loob ng apat na buwan pero kapit na kapit siya! Hindi siya bumitaw 😫❤️❤️❤️Ibig sabihin binigay talaga siya ng Diyos sakin 😭🌸

(Kahit hindi ko sure kung maiintindihan niyo yung picture. Ang malinaw lang rin sakin ay yung 4th pic, nakatalikod siya. ☺️)

After non nag usap kami ni Guy at sinabi kong hindi ko kaya, hindi ko kayang tanggalin ang baby. Sabi niya matatapos na kabataan days niya kaya sabi ko Kahit wag niya na kaming panindigan/panagutan, kakayanin ko para samin ng baby, para kay Baby. Iyak nako ng iyak pero desedido ako sa sagot ko, nung una paman ayoko talaga na mawala siya, natakot lang rin ako. Pero this time hindi nako pwedeng magkamali pa, hndi nako pwedeng gumawa ng isa pang katarantaduhan at habang buhay kong pagsisihan. At para lang gumanda ang image ko. Wala akong pinagkaiba sa ibang mamamatay tao kung gagawin ko yon. Sabi niya may Gf siya, takot siya sa mga lola niya, sabi ko hindi ko siya pinipilit. Kahit mawala na siya sa buhay namin ng anak niya... Pero

(Muka nakong Zombie zzz πŸ’€)

Di nagtagal nag sorry siya, nag sorry siya sa lahat ng nagawa niya at nangako siyang babawi siya at hinding hindi niya kami iiwan at papabayaan ng baby. Makikipagbreak siya sa Gf niya at sasabihin niya lahat. Nagharap ndn mom ko and mom niya, nag usap na and everything. Ilang beses naming sinigurado kung talagang buo na desisyon niya na ako pipiliin niya, na kami ng baby. Araw araw ko rin siyang tinatanong kung ako ba talaga yung Mahal niya, at lagi niyang sagot na ako talaga at ako lagi ang pipiliin niya... Okay na... Kahit papano naging masaya nako ng paunti unti.

Hanggang sa nalaman na paunti unti ng friends ko (mga lima lang sila hahaha) at lumulobo na talaga tyan ko, hindi na siya maitago. ❤️My chocobutternutmunchkin @ 4months 🌸✨

(Mag 5months na si Baby kooo 🌸) And guess what!!! It's already November hihihi. So pictorial namin sa school... (Next)

Hi Baby!!! Kapit kalang ha! Sama ka sakin sa isa sa pinakamagandang ganap na mangyayari na sa buhay ko. Ang mag mamarcha ☺️πŸŽ“ (Sorry sa fes ang haggard)

So... omg eto na yehaaay!!! Iniisip ko nalang chinicheer ako ni Baby ☺️ Nadagdagan na yung magiging proud sakin hihihihihi πŸ’•

Even bago pako mabuntis, ang pag uwi sa Davao at Bukidnon ay planado na. That I would spend my vacation there with my Lolo, Lola and Cousins. πŸ™‚ And that I'm going to celebrate my 21st Birthday there πŸŽ‚After Graduation, lumipad na kami pabalik sa aming beloved bayan. πŸ›«πŸ›¬ pero pagdating dun di nagtagal nakapagdecide nadin ang dad and mom ko na sa Bukidnon nlng ako manganak para may makapag alaga talaga sakin. And para full time na maalagaan ako ng Mom ko πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘§❤️ dito nakakakain ako ng healthy foods like fruits and vegies and I'm stressed-free, free from chismis. Walang problema.

January 2017

Hanggang sa bumisita ang daddy ni baby girl ko sa Bukidnon. Para narin makausap ang Lolo't Lola ko. So I saw his sincerity that moment. Babawi raw kasi siya sa lahat ng nagawa niya sakin/samin. Napaisip ako na "Seryoso na siya. Mahal niya pala talaga kami ng Baby. Thank you God". He spent 5days lang but it's more than enough for us na, nag aaral pa kasi siya kaya hndi rin pwedeng maging selfish ako sa sched niya. Basta happy nako non.

I could never forget this message... πŸ˜”

But then...

Hanggang sa pagbalik niya ng Manila unti unti nanamang may pagbabago. Hindi ko maintindihan. Buti nalang may mababait na tao na patuloy padin akong inaahon sa katangahan at sinabi sakin ang totoong mga pinaggagawa niya don. Pumunta pala siyang Cebu (ilang days after niya ko pinuntahan sa Bukidnon). Sabi niya nilagnat raw siya kaya hndi siya nakakapagtext/call. Lagi akong puyat kakahintay ng updates niya, at kakaalala sa mataas niya kunong lagnat. Pumunta siya sa Gf niya (na Tita niya) para makipagbreak daw, at sinabi niya naraw lahat. Pero yung mga text niya sakin "Ginawa ko naman lahat to fix our relationship pero wala talaga" "Could I still be the daddy of our baby?" Tumigil nanaman mundo ko. Alam mo yung sobrang hirap magpigil ng luha dahil baka marinig ka ng Lola at Mama mo. 😫 Sabi ko nalang sa sarili ko na tama na siguro. Tama na. Hayaan ko na siya, hindi na talaga siguro siya magbabago. Bahala na siya. So ayon, GANUN KA BILIS. πŸ˜―πŸš€ Ganun siya kabilis. Ganun rin kabilis mag decide para sakanya. Amazing noh. Inggit na inggit ako sayo kasi para lang akong hangin, ambilis lang para sayo lahat. By the way just to make things clear ulittt, hindi kami bagong lovers (lol), buong college life ko siya lang naging bf ko. So yeah.

Naging rason ko sa bawat nanliligaw sakin "Ayoko. Lolokohin lang rin naman ako nito so dun nalang ako sa ex ko parehas lang naman." Odibaaa, dapat isunod niyo nako kay Rizal sa Luneta eh.

My heart was filled with so much hatred, tipong sa pagbubuntis ko lahat ng pinapanood ko King Arthur, Braveheart, Troy, God's of Egypt, Last Knights at pinakapaborito ko John Wick πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜‚ Sounds like I'm plotting my revenge eh. Lol

So months passed!!! (Fast forward ⏩) Gangstah na ako. Char. So ayun okay, Wag mo ipapakita na nasasaktan ka, ipakita mo na kayang kaya mo lang πŸ™‚ Keri onnn 🌚🌝🌚🌝

@38 weeks. I can't wait. She can't wait to see the real world 🌸 We can't wait!!! ✨🌝🌚

Aaawwwwe my Precious πŸ™ˆπŸ˜­πŸ˜šπŸŒΈ

Doctor: Ang ganda ganda naman ilong ni Baby. ❤️

We even got more excited!!! πŸ™Š Konting konting konti nalang baby girl 😍✨

[FUN FACT: Napamura pa siya nung makita niya result ng first ultrasound ko dahil ang Expected Due Date ko ay April 3, 2017 which is 1st Anniversary nila. Sensya napu di ku pu sadya ✌🏻️365 Days, 12months, malay ko bang sasakto talaga jan? Yan ang tinatawag nating MAPAGLARONG TADHANA]

Serafina Gwenaelle 🌻
April 3, 2017
8:18 pm

Dear God, please guide me as I walk through this life. Help me not to act only by my own wisdom, but to seek your will in every situation. πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒΈ

Some would definitely say, "Sayang naman siya..." Hmm, No. Doesn't mean that I became a mother at this age ay sayang na, my Dreams doesn't stop here. And it would never end here. Instead, It has given me more motivation to stay focused and have one goal in life and that is to become successful with my Baby. She has become my biggest motivation πŸ’«

Whatever decision I hold in my heart and in my head people would always have something to say. But I would rather accept the fact that I am going to be a Mom than to pull her out of my womb just to look good and to still look like dalaga. πŸ™ƒI STAND UP PROUD! 🌻Negative opinions wouldn't matter anymore, this is my life and I am going to live it the way I wanted it to be. I am not perfect and nobody is, I am happy with who I am, with what I have and I can't wait to plan my future with my Baby. πŸŽ€ So let's keep on moving forward. I am happy and I feel really blessed. I hope you are too 😌

No regrets at all for having my her in my life. 🌸 I had regrets for making it this far WITH THE SAME GUY (for almost 4yrs) who left us anyway. Mapapa "sana iba nalang, bakit sakanya pa, bakit sa taong ilang beses ng pinatunayan sakin na hindi nmn ako worth it" kasi okay lang sana kung hiniling ko na "Sana bumalik ka" kaso hindi, ikaw yung kumusa. Nanahimik ako, nirespeto kita, nirespeto ko "kayo" pero pinilit mong bumalik sa mundo ko kahit alam mong wala na, tapos na, tapos na lahat satin. Nakita mo diba na masaya nako? Masayang masaya nako. Bakit kelangan mong sirain yung buhay ko? Ngayong ganito, nasan kana? Diba nawala ka, natakot ka. Naduwag ka. Nagiging tunay na lalake ka lang kapag may hinihingi ka. Ngayon nagpapakasaya kana, Congrats! Wala kang responsibilidad na haharapin. Saya ng buhay mo ano 😌 Kahit sino sino lang, kahit saan saan, kahit ano ano. Pero ayun nga, sana masaya ka sa naging desisyon mo. And lubusin mo na kabataan days mo, kasi diba yolo. ☺️

So it's also the reason why I've decided to post this, I can't afford to explain it one by one eh sooner or later I'm going to post about my baby, so para wala ng madaming hanash pinag-isa ko napo dito. πŸ™ƒ 'cause I'm sure there'd be questions like, "Sino nakabuntis sakanya?" "Pano, pano sila naging okay ulit?" "Bkt yun pdn?" Etc etc etc. 😢 Uulitin ko, para lang rin nmn po ito sa mga taong curious sa ganap ng life ko. Yes it's private and I should keep everything in private. Well I did, antagal ko nga tinago eh. Guess it's time to uncover the truth behind my fake smiles. Now it isn't fake na, I am happy that I was able to let it all out. And that I had the courage to be a proud mom of Serafina πŸ’•πŸŒΈ

Sorry πŸ’­ Sorry sa mga taong hindi ko pinakinggan. Alam ko madami ng rason para magising at di na muling magbigay ng chance. Sorry kung masyado kong sinagad yung katangahan ko. Sadyang mas sinunod ko lang yung puso ko kesa sa sinasabi niyo at ng utak ko. Mali rin pala talaga yung "PUSO LANG" Ha ha ha. Dahil sa huli wala ka ng ibang pwedeng gawin kundi "PAKATATAG KA NALANG" pinili mo eh. Pfft 😌 Sa walang sawang nagpayo sakin, nag cheer up, maraming salamat and sana di ganun kalaki yung galit niyo hehe. 😢✌🏻️

I wanted to say sorry to my family esp to my Mama Jing and Daddy Bong because of everything that I've done. But I would also love to thank you because you accepted her/us without having second thoughts πŸ’­with all your big hearts! I'm out of words to describe how thankful I am that I have you both in my Life! ❤️ Special mention Kuya B and Kuya D! Thank you for all the Baby stuffs ☺️ Thank you for keeping me motivated all the time. Thank you also for thinking and worrying about my future and our future ni Baby. 😚 And sa kanyang mga Ate, Kuya, Tita, Tito, Ninang, Ninong, Momshies, Lola, Lolo!!! Thank you so much. You know how thankful I am! ☹️️ You were there at my best and at my worse, thank you for never giving up on me and now on us. πŸ€— And also, thanks to K's Mom. Mama Gemma, Thank you! ❤️

Heyyy, Thank you. Thank you for making me feel that I'm hard to love, Thank you for choosing other people over me. Most importantly, THANK YOU FOR GIVING UP ON ME WHEN I NEEDED YOU TO BE THERE. Thank you for letting me down when I thought you would lift me up.

To my Baby, I'm gonna give you all my love. God gave you to me with a purpose and it's because you will be my lifetime happiness. My forever indeed. πŸ’“πŸŒΈ

So basically, our journey begins now... The biggest blessing and the highlight of my 2017!!! Welcome Baby Serafina Gwenaelle 😻 Having you here now by my side is the best decision I have ever made to fight for in my entire life (yet!!! Because I know there are more to come...) I can't wait to have a mother-daughter goals with you baby ko πŸ‘―☺️ I promise to work hard and provide you everything you need, I'll be the best motherfather you would ever have! Always remember, this Queen doesn't need a King πŸ˜‰ I love you πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘§πŸ‘‘

Thank you for your patience in reading this post of mine. God bless! ❤️

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This pretty hot chic inspired the world with her story. The ending will give you HOPE and leave you in TEARS. This pretty hot chic inspired the world with her story. The ending will give you HOPE and leave you in TEARS. Reviewed by Tunying on 7:22 AM Rating: 5