The Ghost of Diplomat Hotel Caught On Cam?!

The Ghost of Diplomat Hotel Caught On Cam?! 

In the early 20th century, Diplomat Hotel used to be a seminary that served as a school, monastery, and summer retreat house for Dominicans. At the height of the World War II, the seminary was attacked by Japanese forces. Nuns and priests were beheaded. Refugees of the war were also killed. Babies were also mercilessly killed.

Diplomat Hotels, Inc. acquired ownership of the place and remodeled thoroughly the interior into a 33-bedroom hotel but still retaining the unique and distinct personality which was earlier established by the Dominican friars. The hotel was managed by Tony Agpaoa, a Baguio-based spiritual healer. Since then, employees and guests claim to hear wailing even during day time. When night falls, apparitions of headless priests and ghosts carrying their heads on a platter, can be seen roaming inside the hotel’s corridor.

After Agpaoa’s death in 1987, the hotel was closed and later abandoned. Until now, residents near the Diplomat Hotel are known to be disturbed by banging of doors and windows, clattering of dishes and agonizing screams of people and chilling cries of infants. Many say that the haunted fountain, where the babies were said to be murdered, once flowed with human blood. It was also believed to be the spot where the dead connect with the living so this is a place where only a few dare to tread.

This young couple went to Diplomat Hotel and took pictures while on it. They heard stories about the hotel but couldn't believe they will experience something.

Read her story:

We were joking around, talking about our Baguio experience and reviewing the photos we captured there when Carlo found something unusual. It was the photo of the both of us at Diplomat Hotel. I heard enough of the creepy experiences of some tourists who visited the place; ghosts of the priests, sisters and children roaming in the abandoned hotel but I did not expect this. Maybe I'm just overreacting, bangin wa lang jud to, it was just nothing, unta jud wa lang to. 😩 BUT.... I HAVE MANY QUESTIONS. WHY DID I NOT NOTICE HER AT OUR BACK WHEN IN FACT I SHOULD HAVE SEEN HER ON MY PERIPHERAL VIEW KASI NAKA SIDE VIEW AKO SA PHOTO AND WE WERE SO SURE NA WALANG DUMAAN KASI LAHAT NAMAN TAYO ALAM NA PAG MAY DADAAN HINDI MUNA TAYO MAGPAPAPICTURE PLUS VIEN, THE ONE WHO CAPTURED THE PHOTO TOLD US NA WALANG DUMAAN TSAKA WE MADE SURE NA WALANG TAO PARA DI MAGULO TIGNAN SA PHOTO AND FOR SURE YOU'LL HEAR THE FOOTSTEPS PERO WALA KAMING NARINIG. TAKE NOTE NAKA BURST PHOTOS PA KAMI MEANING MILLISECOND SHOTS, SOBRANG BILIS, AND THE WEIRD PART IS WALA SYA SA 1ST BURST PHOTO BUT SHE APPEARED IN THE SECOND PHOTO AND GONE IN THE THIRD ONE. WHO ON EARTH COULD WALK THAT FAST WEARING AN ALL BLACK DRESS OR SOMETHING? AYOKO NA BES, TASLAKAN BAYA KONG DAKO ATAYA!!!
P.S. It's not edited, I don't know how to use photoshop 😒

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