Read! Alleged inside job of one of Tarlac's famous restaurant.

Read! Alleged inside job of one of Tarlac's famous restaurant.

We, Filipinos, tend to eat on a fancy restaurant when we celebrate something special. We eat on famous restaurant in the city.

Some of us doesn't have our own private vehicle, some of us are lucky enough to own or rent a private vehicle. And leave our vehicle on the establishment's parking area.

A story posted by Karen Phoebe Cruz went viral after they went on a restaurant in Tarlac.
What happened to them will make you cautious to your vehicles.


Sharing with you a very unfortunate experience earlier today.

We were on our way home from Baguio and we decided to eat lunch along the way. We chose to eat in ISDAAN thinking that this is a good place for us to treat a friend from New York. We arrived at the restaurant past 1pm. We left our van in the designated parking near the front entrance where two guards were on-duty.

Food wise, we were less than satisfied and felt we didn't get our money's worth. Imagine a sisig that costs more than 700 pesos an order, Calamares that's full of breading, a very fatty spare ribs barbecue, and the list goes on.

After paying, I went in our parked van with my baby and turned on the ac so we can rest while waiting for the others. When my cousins went in the van, they noticed that the backpack in the front seat is missing. It was just then that i realized, my own bag that I left in the van is also missing. My bag contained 50,000 pesos that I recently withdrawn from the bank and some personal items. Fortunately, i brought my wallet in the restaurant with me which had all my cards, license, etc., and my cellphone. Then things just got worse after we checked the back of the van because they also took a travel luggage, 3 backpacks, and a duffle bag.

I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I started screaming inside the restaurant telling the other customers to check their vehicles as well since we just got robbed.

We asked for the manager and talked to the guards on-duty. All they were telling us is that they didn't notice anything. Even if we are parked in front (check the photos), with 2 guards on duty, and a parking boy, in broad daylight. Its really hard to believe that they didn't see anything since the bags that were missing are not small bags. They were big luggage, big backpacks and a travel bag.
The manager then came. She informed us that the same incident happened last week. We asked if they have cctv and she answered "Wala po mam. hindi po kami high-tech!" Wow! A restaurant this big? Serving a sisig worth 700 pesos doesn't have a cctv??? But thats besides the point. Anyway, the manager called the police to have the incident investigated. A customer informed us that there was a man who happened to be their parking boy there. We looked for this man and when he arrived, we asked him where he was all along. He said he went on a break and left at around 1:30PM, almost the same time we arrived and never came back after his 1 hour break. The manager had to send someone to get him and when he returned it was already 3PM which led to our suspicion of his involvement.

The police arrived, they interviewed us and I saw the manager whispering to the police but I didnt hear what they were talking about. When I asked them if there's anything they can do, all they said was "WE ARE NOT LIABLE!" I mean, I do realize my mistake of not taking my own bag that contained cash with me but are we supposed to bring all the backpacks, luggage and travel bags inside the restaurant??? Besides, what were the guards on-duty doing while they were all at the same spot the whole time we were there! After an hour of arguing, as usual, nothing was solved. We told them we do not have the time, since we got children and an infant with us. And if all they can say is "WE ARE NOT LIABLE" then its pointless arguing with them. The police then confirmed to us the same incident happened last week with a toyota revo.

This post is meant to inform future customers of the ISDAAN RESTAURANT in Gerona, Tarlac to be more careful of their belongings. The management will not help you and maintain that they are not liable, since the sign on their parking lot says so. Might as well get rid of the security guards on duty and the parking attendants since it beats the purpose of their non-liability.

I refuse to show the faces of the manager, security guards, parking attendant, police for their security and to be fair to them as well.

Remember to be extra vigilant as there are always people out there who will take advantage of you. Its just an unfortunate and sad reality in life.



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