Why Women Should To Use The Bathroom After S*x! Here's The Reason You Should Know!

If you want to enjoy a lovely intimate relationship with your partner, you have to be careful about your sexual health.

Having an intimate relationship with your partner is important and all, but you definitely have to be careful about what goes on down under. With that said, you should make it a habit of taking a trip to the ladies room after s*x. Actually, it’s the best way you can make sure that you can be clear of those nasty infections.

Here’s what happens. After having sex, those microbes and bacteria in the genital area and rectum can enter and accumulate in the urethra, which increase the risk of infection in the bladder. In fact, it has been shown that this is one of the most common causes of urinary tract infections in women, and that is why, in order to avoid it, experts stress the importance to urinate right after sex. And don’t you take your sweet time lying in bed either! Doctors advise that you pee within 45 minutes right after penetration. Apart from all that, always protect yourself from infections and those sexually transmitted diseases(STD) by using condoms, proper hygiene, and visits to your OB-GYN.

Furthermore, doctors say, unlike men, female ejaculation does not happen through the urethra so the only way to take out and remove all those substances or particles that are introduced during penetration is through urination, so it is recommended not to forget
this, once completed intercourse. It is advised not to take your time and to urinate preferably within 45 minutes after penetration.

Besides urinating after sexual intercourse, the best way to protect yourself from infections and sexual transmitted ailment is by using a condom. Keep in mind that infections can cause many serious health problems, so protect yourself the best you can. 

The personal hygiene is also very important because proper hygiene will keep you safe from urinary tract infections.

Especially for women prone to cystitis, vaginal area should be washed
with water and a little neutral pH soap at the end.

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