WOMEN's HEALTH: 9 Reasons Why A Woman's Private Part Smells Bad.

These are the reasons why woman's private part stinks:

1. Excessive washing:
Even if you’re just washing your vagina with warm water, excessive washing can still mess with the vagina’s flora, causing an odor.

2. Allergy to condoms:
Some women are allergic to certain materials in condoms, which can throw off vaginal bacteria and cause odor.

3. Douching:
This can mess with the pH levels of the vagina and even cause a large amount of bacteria to grow. There is good and bad bacteria that can be down there, but the bad bacteria can cause a strong smell.

4. Tight clothing:
Wearing very tight pants or underwear can cause your vagina to sweat, which can cause vaginal odor.

5. Spicy food:
Spicy food can cause a sudden increase in your vaginal discharge, which can cause vaginal odor

6. Sleeping with underwear at night:
According to reports, sleeping in the nude to air out the vagina is the best way to go

7. Laundry detergents and soaps:
Laundry detergent with perfume or fabric softeners can irritate the vagina, once again causing odor. Wash your underwear separately with unscented detergent.

8. Pregnancy:
During pregnancy, many of vitamins and minerals are passed along to your baby, and this can throw off the pH levels in your vagina.

9. Sex:
You may notice vaginal odors accumulating directly after sex.

Source: Gossip Mill Nigeria

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