HEALTH WARNING: 12 Early Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer That Every Guy Needs To Know.

Every guy needs to know this symptoms and should not be ignored. Prostate Cancer is one of the most common causes of death among men according to the World Health Organization.

Unfortunately in most cases, prostate cancer symptoms only appear in the cancer's early development.

The symptoms of prostate cancer are different for each man, so never rule out the possibility that some of these symptoms may be caused by other sicknesses.
It's intensely important, especially for men past the age of 50, to undergo medical examinations to find out potential problems in their bodies.
Protect yourself and watch out for these symptoms early on to prevent any possible complications.

12 Early Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer:

1. Frequent urges to urinate especially during the evening
2. Difficulties in urination when in the standing position. There is also difficulty in starting and ending the urination process.
3. Decreased flow of urine and changing the color of urine.
4. A burning sensation during urination
5. An unpleasant feeling at the beginning of the urination process
6. Pain or numbness that occurs in the hips, thighs, legs and/or lower back
7. Bone pain which may leads to fractures
8. Discomfort and Swelling in legs or pelvic area
9. Problems with ejaculation - Painful ejaculation
10. Impotence - Erectile Dysfunction
11. Blood in urine (Hematuria)
12. Blood in semen (Hematospermia)

Remember to visit your doctor if you experience any of these signs and symptoms.

Source: World Health Guide

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