8 Signs That You Found The Right Guy Who Will Love You For A Lifetime.

Finding your true love is really challenging because it is either you will get hurt or you will be on a throne. There is no better things than being inlove. These 8 signs will help you know that this guy is the one who will love you for lifetime.

1. He always treat you as a Princess.
Does your guy make you feel like royalty even when you are not so charming? If so, then it’s a pretty good sign he wants to be with you forever. Most men will be nice, but it doesn’t mean he is thinking long term. It’s when he has no problem showing you and the rest of the world (even his friends) that you are his queen.

2. He always attach himself to you.
When a guy uses “we” instead of “me”, it’s a surefire sign he is head over heels in love. Men who only refer to themselves aren’t really worried if it turns sour. Men who are committed want people to know he is off the market and has no problem saying it.

3. He is always there for you no matter what happens.
You can bet your bottom dollar that if your Prince Charming is all ears when you have a problem, he is in it for the long haul. When he stays awake wondering how to solve your problems only to make you happy, he is in love.

4. He talks about your future together.
Men who are simply killing time with you until something better comes their way, don’t talk about where he sees the two of you in the future (unless he is a sociopath). Men who think they have found the one will talk about things down the road like next Christmas or where to go for summer vacation. This is a definite sign you are the yin to his yang.

5. He is always inlove with you.
Sure, your man thinks you are a beauty, but does his face light up when you enter the room? Men who are totally gaga for you simply radiate when they see you, and they can’t hide it. Even when you look like you stuck your finger into a light socket, in their eyes, nobody compares.

6. He will say infront of you the 4 magical words.
He tell you that he thinks you are the one. Not to be confused with talk about the future, but when used in combination, it’s highly likely that somewhere down the road, you will be seeing some bling. (Think diamonds).

7. He appreciates you.
He holds your opinion in high regard, and you are the first person he wants to tell everything to. Good or bad, you are his rock. Thumbs up!

8. Your name tickles his ears.
His family hints about how he feels about you. You know, when he walks out of the room, and his mom tells you that she overheard him telling his dad that he thinks you are the perfect woman for him. Keep in mind ladies, this is probably the only time you will appreciate him eavesdropping.

If your guy does these things to you then you are really lucky that you already found the right person for you.

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