6 Reasons How Dogs Can Help You Improve Your Health

The decision to get a pet usually stems to a desire or need to have a companion at home. Spending quality time with pets especially dogs and cats, provides more than companionship. These furry friends can give you a clean bill of health. Most dog owners believe their beloved pet make their lives better, according to science, there are many ways that can indeed boost your health.

1. They can keep you physically fit- Having such a pet as dog, mean taking time for walks to exercise your pet. You may think that you're doing it for your pet but you're also doing it for yourself. Walking is one of the best workouts that you can do on your spare time which mean both you and you pet will be physically fit.

2. Reduce Stress- Pets can decrease or reduce all your stress just by seeing them happy when they see you or having a time for each other.

3. Become resistant to allergies- The dog hair can be a cause of allergies but if your kids are growing up in a house that has a dog, you already helping your kids build up resistance against allergies as they're growing up.

4. Dogs can detect cancer- Dogs can actually smell cancer on humans. It can smell skin, breast, colon, lung, bladder cancer. Although studies are still being conducted on how dogs can sniff out cancer, it can be handy to have one around.

5. Better social life- You've probably more inclined to talk to someone who has a dog if you get a chance. Having a dog as a companion can actually help you become more sociable and approachable in the long run.

6. Improve Cardiovascular Health- The other benefits of being a pet owner is having better heart health. It can decrease your blood pressure and heart rate when you pet your dog. A study research from China claims that those who owned dogs can actually sleep better and are less likely to be sick.

Pets are outstanding motivators to get moving, they are just not a mean for a healthier end. Adopting a pet is a commitment that will last for many years, and you must be prepared and willing to take on that responsibility.

Source: Popcorn Daily

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