4 Health Benefits Of Love That Will Urge You To Wait For "The One" Of Your Life

We all have been in love and who doesn't want that feeling of falling in love with the person you adore and care the most? Many studies all around the world show that being in love goes beyond that fuzzy, comfy and that indescribable fuzzy feeling. Whether you find yourself with a sweet and romantic partner, family member, or friends, these special connections have been proven that it is really beneficial to us, especially to our health.

Love can make us happy in many different special ways, it can also keep us healthy mentally, socially, physically, and spiritually. Just being with someone we love the most is totally enough for us.

These are the main benefits of BEING IN LOVE:

1. Heart Protection- This is not the metaphorical heart that we mention when we are hurt in a recent break-up, no not that. A study revealed that women in healthy and happy marriages are reduced the risk of developing cardiovascular disease compared to those who are having trouble in marriages and in high-stress
romantic relationships.

2. Lowered the risk of depression- According to some Studies conducted by the Health and Human Services, those who are married or those in long-term relationships have decreased of developing depression.

3. Lowered the Risk of Hypertension- A healthy relationship conducts normal blood pressure levels. Researchers believe that happily married have an Excellent blood pressure levels compared to those who are single.

4. Stress Management- Those who are in a relationships cope better in the face of struggles and challenges in life. Experts have discovered that the link between social support and stress management. For people who are going through rough times and are happily married, the impact of negative conditions are far lesser.

Keep in mind that there are psychological and physical benefits of being in love. Furthermore, being compassionate and loving to those who are close to you is bound to have you feeling good about yourself mentally, emotionally and physically too.

Source: PopcornDaily

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