MUST WATCH: Life In The Womb In 9 Months.

Giving birth is the most amazing gift on earth and carrying a baby is such a miracle. When carrying a baby, a mother experiencing this things that truely make them happy.

1.Experiencing tastes
Professor Peter Hepper from Queen’s University in Belfast thought that you may also feel the taste of food even when baby was not delivery. Doctor checked that whether mother either ate or cut slice the garlic. The outcome was really interesting, as child birth of mother in the previous team loved food with garlic maybe even at the age of 8 to 9 years.

2. Hearing noises
A team of scientists came from Finland start an experiment where they divided two groups of pregnant ladies possibly feel lullabies every day or not at all.The result are like that from the 1st  group babies  react on the song while on other hand the 2nd  group babies was very indifferent. The scientists came to the final conclusion how the previous will need to have learned the lullabies while in the mother stomach.

3.Recognizing speech
Athena Vouloumanos, a psychologist from New York University,start comparing the newborn babies reactions to people speech and noises and the test was amazing they found that babies respond to speech. They’re also keener that babies also react on there mother tongue.

Below is a video of how a child was born in this world, from conceptual to new born baby.This Video provide a deep knowledge in 3D visualization of the growing of an fetus in mother’s womb, it’s seem very interesting for both parents to watch this. Coincidence, as few as 20 year ago we could only think for making this type of movies. For old days technique of making ultrasound picture in the inside of uterus were not happened.

Source: noonecaresyoutube

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