MUST READ: 8 Widely Known Tea Brands Contaminated With Toxic Chemicals.

TEA is the most consumed beverages next to water because of its nutritional properties and it tastes good. But what if the tea you are drinking is not totally safe?

Green tea is an excelent antioxidant, black tea is known to lessen the risks of stroke and heart attack, and Oolong tea has the power to regulate blood sugar and kick start weight loss.

There are countless other teas on the market with their own special superpowers—like tea that helps you sleep, reduces anxiety or boosts energy. But in order to reap the full benefits of tea, it’s important that you’re picking the right brands.

Independent lab testing revealed some shocking facts about some of the most popular tea brands; they are loaded with toxic chemicals with the potential to harm your health.

8 of the most toxic tea brands include:

-King Cole

-Uncle Lee’s Legends of China (Green Tea and Jasmine Green Tea)

-No Name




-Lipton (Green Tea and the Yellow Label Black Tea)

-Red Rose

8 out of 10 samples contained more than one type of pesticide. One of these brands (Uncle Lee's Legends of China) contained 22 different types of pesticides. And a number of brands contained the chemicals monocrotophos and endosulfan, which are banned in many countries.

The absolute worst offenders:

King Cole—Frighteningly high levels of pesticides, including monocrotophos.

Uncle Lee’s Legends of China Green Tea—This type of tea contains over 20 types of pesticides including endosulfan, which is linked to birth defects and is so toxic it is being globally phased out.

No Name—This brand of tea contains over 10 types of pesticides.

Safe Tea Brands

To avoid consuming toxic teas full of pesticides and chemicals, limit your purchases to certified organic bagged and loose teas. Some safe and healthy tea brands include:

-Organic Stash

-Organic Tazo

-Organic Yogi

-Organic Traditional Medicinals

-Eden Organic



Source: Earthables

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