MUST READ: 5 Healthy Habbits That Are Actually Unhealthy.

People nowadays always concern in their health so they decided to go the unhealthy route that they think it's healthy.

These are some of our daily habbits that you think it's healthy but they are not.

1. Brushing your teeth after every meal.

You might have thought that brushing your teeth after every meal is a good idea. Well, I’m here to tell you that isn’t true. Brushing your teeth more than 2 times a day can make your teeth extremely sensitive.

2. Drinking diet soda.

A lot of people have the misconception that diet soda is a lot better than regular soda. There have been so many different tests that prove diet soda is more harmful to your body than regular soda.

3. Drinking so much water.

Excessive water drinking isn’t the best idea. According to your weight and height you’re supposed to drink a certain amount of water everyday. Over hydrating can be extremely harmful to your body.

4. Over sleeping.

It is extremely important to get the right amount of sleep, which is 7-8 hours every night. Anything more than that is something you should completely avoid. Over sleeping isn’t good for your heart, brain and body.

5. Avoiding the sun.

A lot of people try avoiding the sun because of the side effects that they have heard about. Rarely do people actually know the importance of being under the sun. Your body needs the vitamin D that the sun gives off.

Source: Taking Five

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