IS THIS TRUE? Reseachers Discovered A Vitamin That Can Kill Cancer Cells But It's Illegal.

People who suffer from cancer have the struggle of their lives. Countless researchers try to discover some cure or treatment for cancer which is not destructive as chemo and radiation are, but effective at the same time.

Vitamin B17 can be considered to be one of those cures.

The History of Vitamin B-17.

The 1970s were the period of full swing of cancer. In this period, Sloan-Kettering was one of the main research centers of cancer in U.S. in 1974, Ralph Moss became part of the Sloan-Kettering center and they started examining the form of Vitamin B17 called Laetrile. The moment he started with this big job, he found himself in the middle of an enormous groundbreaking discovery.

Nevertheless, the Board of Directors of the center found out more about his job and the study, so they swept Laetrile under the rug, and the study was stopped with the excuse that Laetrile is potentially dangerous.

However, Ralph Moss could not agree to just stop the study, as he saw an enormous potential in this vitamin. At a press conference he called he put the blame on his employer for organizing a great cover-up of the study of vitamin B17. From this moment until nowadays, Laetrile has been banned in the United States.

The Reason They Banned It.

The FDA has stated that Laetrile is a vitamin which is extremely toxic. However, there is a huge dispute on this topic, because there are numerous doctors and experts who disagree. One of them is Edward Griffin who has done an extent research on this vitamin and has explained his thoughts in his book “World Without Cancer”. Here, in this book, he explains that he actually could not find any statements according to which amygdalin in any amount employed or recommended by medical doctors in the US and abroad, is pharmacologically harmful.

The Research Continues.

Even though B17 in America is still banned and proclaimed to be toxic, researchers all around the world go on conducting researches on its effects, and have actually discovered positive things and impacts in various clinical studies:

— A research from 2003 has revealed that amygdalin in peach pits impacts the growth of tumors:

– As one 2006 research indicates, amygdalin is able to regulate Bax and Bcl-2 expressions in cancer cells, causing apoptosis, programmed cancer cells death

– A researched carried out in 2013 found out that it is potentially efficient in the treatment of cervical cancer

– A research from 2014 has proven that this vitamin affects bladder cancer tumors

What You Can Do.

Ralph Moss, the ex-employee of Sloan-Kettering center, has begun a petition calling his ex-employer to identify the positive results of Laetrile. Even you can sign this petition if you want to.

Nevertheless, we do not recommend seeking out this vitamin illegally, as in this way, you break the law.

In case that you want to find out more about the role of vitamin B17 in cancer treatment, consult your doctor. Before you take any medicines or supplements or before you start a new treatment for any serious health condition, including cancer, you should talk to your doctor first.

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